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Mario - TX
Got my 7" Medium tint John and I love it ! Its perfect for day and/or night riding in my opinion , never thought anything would be better than my 8" dark Freedom w/s but it is !

Review By: Mario - TX

Keith - Washington, IA
Replaced my stock Harley windshield with the newly designed Freedom Wider Touring Style windshield. Took it out on a breezy afternoon and the lower profile does a better job cutting the wind. The way it comes down just the above the fairing helps defect the wind off my hands and arms. Really impressed with how friendly and knowledgeable John with Freedom Shields was and am very pleased with my experience with the Freedom Shields. Really like the new windshield. Thanks

Review By: Keith - Washington, IA

Troy - Yorba Linda, CA
It has been a few months since my 4300 mile Sturgis trip but I wanted to share a couple pictures of the windshield. - it worked out great. Pic 1 - Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

Review By: Troy - Yorba Linda, CA

Troy - Yorba Linda, CA
Pic 2 - June Lake, California. Thank you for such professional service.

Review By: Troy - Yorba Linda, CA

Olaf - Bavaria, Germany
Today on Sunday I made my testride. It was a dul day with some sunny parts at 33°F. I tested it with my open face helmet and sunglasses. The windshield works well. I feel some light wind in my face and that was ok. With the original windshield I had bad turbulences at the hight of my glasses. My glasses flattered on my nose at 62 mph. And now it’s still fitting on my nose. That’s very good. Now I can enjoy my ride with my Harley. Thanks for your support, John.

Review By: Olaf - Bavaria, Germany

Jim - Centerton, AR
John with Freedom Shields was very helpful over the phone. He suggested I send him photos of me sitting on my bike with the stock windshield and he was able to suggest an 11 inch shield and was confident that I'd like it. He told me that if I wasn't satisfied that I could return it as long as the plastic film was still on. Boy was he right on the money, I got the shield a couple weeks ago just before heading out on a 2000 mile journey to South Dakota. The shield worked perfectly, no more bugs hitting me in the forehead and the medium is dark enough to look stylish but not to dark for night time riding. You can't go wrong with this company its products or John's advice. I couldn't be happier and feel I received a great product.

Review By: Jim - Centerton, AR

Robert - Ontario, Canada
I received my Windscreen in one week and mounted it. Due to weather, I had to wait a few days to go for a ride. At 160kmh (99+ mph) the screen works perfectly! I normally don't ride that fast, but wanted to see how the buffeting would be and to my surprise, my sunglasses stayed on my face. It's great to be able to see over top of the screen! Peeled the plastic off and the screens finish is A1. It was a pleasure talking with you. Thanks for all your help. Cheers,

Review By: Robert - Ontario, Canada

Dean - Helena, MT
This is my second windshield that I have purchased cause I was very impressed with the first one that I purchased to put on my 2009 Harley Davidson. Then I bought a 2015 that had a stock windshield it didn't take me very long to decide that I wanted to purchase another one after all the bugs I was getting on my helmet. Once I received the windshield I immediately put it on and I had maybe 1 bug on my helmet compared to all of the bugs on the Freedom windshield. I really enjoy riding my Harley Davidson now that I have a Freedom Shields windshield on. THANK YOU very much.

Review By: Dean - Helena, MT

Dean - Helena, MT
This was a 370 mile ride from Helena Montana to West Yellowstone. So the 2nd picture shows how well the Freedom windshield works so great . I'm 5' 11" and the shield is a 9". As you can tell that I'm very impressed with it. As for my wife who rides behind me doesn't even get any bugs now either . We'll be giving it Five stars.

Review By: Dean - Helena, MT

Longview Police - Longview, TX
The guys absolutely love the Freedom Shields.

Review By: Longview Police - Longview, TX

Jason - Sterling, VA
I received the windshield quickly. Thank you! It looks GREAT and preforms well.

Review By: Jason - Sterling, VA

Dwight - Hillpoint, WI
Received your Freedom Shield in today and couldn't wait to try it out from all the positive reviews I have read...went on a short 50 mile ride and decided I loved it. Wind wasn't nearly as severe and I could even hear the radio better. I think even if it didn't work as well as it did I would of kept it for the quality. It is a lot thicker and sturdy and the look of it complimented the bike. I ordered the 8 inch dark gray for my 2012 EG. Very pleased.

Review By: Dwight - Hillpoint, WI

Mike - Prince George, BC Canada
John First off, it's been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and Tracy. You guys really go above and beyond with the customer service. After reading the numerous positive reviews' there was no question as to who's shield to purchase. My first ride on my 14 Street Glide Special showed me that there was a lot of room for improvement with the stock shield. At highway speeds the ride was terrible!!! Wind noise and buffeting made for a very fatiguing ride. I stand 5 foot 8 inches and determined that the 7 inch Dark Grey tint was the one for me. Upon receipt of the shield and being confident of the positive claims, I removed the protective film, installed the shield and went for a ride. Visibility is excellent and I can see over the shield just fine. Buffeting is virtually eliminated and wind noise is mostly gone. Listening to the tunes is now much more enjoyable. One of the bigger bonuses is that 99.9% of the bugs either hit the shield or go right over it, and miss the rider. Nice to not get plastered in the face and glasses. Jacket stays clean as well. The quality of the product is beyond incredible. In closing I would say that Harley should consider offering your shields as stock fitment.

Review By: Mike - Prince George, BC Canada

The Reverend - Huntington Beach, CA
IMPRESSIVE! It is so nice to receive a product and have it perform BETTER than advertised!! I received my 9” Dark Grey Tint (#FLH-9DG) and immediately installed on my 2012 Ultra Limited. I took a leap of faith and peeled the protective covering off prior to the initial install confident that it would perform as great as it looked. Excited to try the new shield, I jumped on my bike and took it for a 70+ mile freeway ride… well, it is truly IMPRESSIVE!! No buffeting, very low wind noise and the air that does hit my face is “clean”. I have tried several different brands of windshields on all 4 of my bikes and by far Freedom Shields has been the best performer, quality and price! There are a lot of photos to show the shields themselves; I attached a couple photos that show the quality workmanship that was put into this windshield. The edges and fit are perfect! Thank you.

Review By: The Reverend - Huntington Beach, CA

Tony - Ivey, GA
Went to pick up the bike. Took the windshield with me.. Installed it. Rode about 100 miles and NO you can't have it back. Works great, looks great. Thanks Tony

Review By: Tony - Ivey, GA

Troy - Orlando, FL
Its a keeper, got it temporarily mounted Thursday evening went for a short ride and what a difference. I'm not getting whipped in the face and can enjoy the stereo now. Permanently mounted the shield and rode to work Friday what a joy, forgot my eye pro on a short ride to Lowe's and didn't even notice. Thanks for a great product John.

Review By: Troy - Orlando, FL

Troy - Yukon, OK
Just a note to tell you that I received the 10" Freedom Shield for my 08 Street Glide just fine. I installed it the next day and due to the heat wave here in Oklahoma City, I didn't have a chance to ride for two more days. But, when I did get a chance to ride, I put about 80 miles on the bike and the Freedom Shield performed much better than I ever expected. I almost knew that it would, judging from all the comments on your website. I can't believe the difference your shield makes. Even in a cross-wind the shield performs much better than my stock shield ever did. And, what's better yet, my wife (passenger) doesn't complain about the wind anymore. And that's worth twice the low price of the Freedom Shield. I cannot thank you enough for making a product as superior as the Freedom Shield. You will have my business as long as I'm able to ride. Thank you again. Troy

Review By: Troy - Yukon, OK

Steve - Toronto, Ontario Canada
As promised, here are some photos of my bike with the new 7” dark Grey Freedom Shield mounted. It is PERFECT! I installed it on the bike with the protective plastic film still on and went for a ride on city streets and highways up to 140 km/h (85+ mph). It was great! Then I removed the shield and stripped off the plastic film, re-installed the windshield and I am in love! The look and the function are exactly what I was hoping for! And the quality of the materials and finish are excellent. I have put another 500 km (300 miles) on the bike with the new shield on and I can honestly say that it is awesome! In fact, I believe it provides more protection than the stock shield did! Freedom Shields rock! Thanks so much! Steve

Review By: Steve - Toronto, Ontario Canada

Steve - Toronto, Ontario  Canada
I thought I would share with you an interesting story that demonstrates the quality and effectiveness of the Freedom Shield windshield for Harley-Davidson. A couple of days ago I rode from Toronto to Ottawa and back again in a day, a distance of over 850 kilometers (about 530 miles). The front of my bike was plastered in bugs. (See the attached photos.) I have the 7” inch dark Grey windshield, which sits at roughly my chin level. I wear an open-face, beanie-style helmet and did not experience any bugs hitting my face at all! I consider this a near miracle, given the condition of the fairing and windshield after this trip. I just thought you would like to know how well your shields perform in the real world of riding! Thanks again for making such a great, high quality product that makes my bike look AWESOME!

Review By: Steve - Toronto, Ontario Canada

Roger - Leander, TX
I got the shield, put in on for a test ride. As soon as I got back I installed it permanently! What a great shield! It performs as advertised and far exceeded my expectations. Great design and very high quality at a very fair price. I will recommend it to my buds and anyone else that ask me about it. Sincerely, Roger

Review By: Roger - Leander, TX

Bob - Atlanta, GA
I have an 09 Ultra Classic that I purchased used about a month ago. This was my first bike ever. After riding it for a while, the stock windshield became an issue, as the top edge was right in my line of sight. It was like looking through a glass of water. It was really bad when navigating curves. I ran across several websites that sold after market shields including I then went to and read many great un-biased reviews on the Freedom Shield. I knew I had to have one over the other brands. We were planning a short weekend getaway and I really wanted the new shield for the ride, but it was only days away and shipping from Colorado was exorbitant for next day. That is when I called you to find out if there were any dealers in my area. You were able to give me three choices within an hour from my home. I was able to locate the 10” light Grey shield and travel to the vendor for pickup. I am 6’4” and slouch in my seat (I know, I know, I should sit more upright). I placed the shield on the bike with the protective plastic still in place and rode approximately 75 miles through some hilly and curvy roads and absolutely loved it. I had taken my torx bit along and removed the plastic sheeting in the middle of my ride. I was able to enjoy my first long (by my standards) ride from Atlanta to Charlotte without looking through a “glass of water”. As several reviews stated, it does push the wind up over you. The thicker shield also helps when there are wind gusts or when you are riding on the highway with large trucks. I did not get pushed around nearly as much. It was an awesome experience. Customer Service was awesome. Thanks again.

Review By: Bob - Atlanta, GA

Tony - Ivey, GA
Just installed my new 10" light grey Freedom Shield. I had the 6 1/2" Klock Werks shield but that did not work well for me. This shield is perfect for deflecting wind up and above my head and the polished edge really sets it off. I love the new Freedom Shield.

Review By: Tony - Ivey, GA

Glenn - Opelika, AL
Went on a 150 mile trip today and the shield was fantastic. I looked over the shield without the wind tearing my shades off or bugs attacking me. For the last 2 years, I have been behind ( looking thur) a stock Ultra Classic 12" shield and thought I was comfortable. The freedom of looking over is a lot better than looking thru. Again, the quality of the Freedom Shield is excellent. Simply, it looks good! I had a hard time deciding which shield to purchase - I picked the right one. Thanks again.

Review By: Glenn - Opelika, AL

Michael - Cincinnati, OH
Just received the Freedom Shield and put it on the bike. I went for a short ride around town, I was able to get it up to about 60 mph a couple of times. My glasses don't bounce like they did. I could have gone higher than 7in., but I don't want to take away too much of the Street Glide look. Very pleased with the shield and the over all quality. I will be passing your name around. Thanks again, Michael

Review By: Michael - Cincinnati, OH

I was able to install my windshield Saturday morning and went for a ride. I only got about three miles from home and returned immediately. I uninstalled the windshield and ripped off the covering and reinstalled it and went riding for the next three hours. The difference between the old windshield and this one is amazing. The air flow is so much different that I get no head buffeting and virtually no air around my ears as I did before. I am very satisfied. Thanks, David

Review By: David - Greenville, OH

Wayne - Lusby, MD
Thanks for following up on the windshield. I replaced my 12-inch shield with your 9-inch shield and gave it a test run today. I'm very pleased with it. After riding 100 miles, it was spattered with scores of bugs while my helmet remained bug-free. I'm also impressed by its form and clarity. It's a very attractive upgrade for my bike! Thanks again, Wayne

Review By: Wayne - Lusby, MD

I got off work a little earlier today so I did some comparison rides. Took the 10" Clearview off my 05 and tried it against your 8". Wind around the rider is almost exactly the same. I was worried it might be too short but the curve on yours is more pronounced than the Clearview. Thanks Mike

Review By: Mike - Spotsylvania, VA

Dave - Raleigh, NC
I ordered the 7 inch dark Grey and had concerns about going from the stock shield to the 7 inch and the look of the bike. Even though I did not have any issues with the order, Freedom Shields customer service contacted me to ensure the shield met my needs and it did. The shields quality is second to none and the fact you can test it before keeping it due to the protective film is a very nice feature. It did cut down in the buffeting to give you a more comfortable ride. I am 5‘10” and would recommend the shield.

Review By: Dave - Raleigh, NC

Thanks for the followup. That's great customer service. I got the shield and it is awesome. I've purchased a bunch of shields in my day and the Freedom Shield is by far the best I've ever purchased. The quality, and the price are unbeatable. It is a really beautiful piece of art. I'm going to send you an email and a pic from the trip that I'm about to take to Biketoberfest in Daytona next week. I will be recommending your shields to all my riding friends. Harley should contract with you to put shields on all their bikes. Yours are better than the factory ones. Thanks for a great product! Anthony

Review By: Anthony - Rock Hill, SC

Finally got home from my trip. Gave the 8 inch windshield a thorough evaluation, and I'm very satisfied with it. I can look over it, even in the long ride "slouch". No wind, at speeds up to and beyond 90 MPH. My wife says she can hear the radio now! And the fit and finish are as close to perfect as humanly possible. Thank you for a great job. I love the windshield, and it improves the quality of my ride significantly. It even makes it look better! Regards, John

Review By: John - Eaton, NY

Dennis - Ellsworth, KS
Hi John, impressive message of follow up to come home to. Just got back and had an awesome trip! First, I need to compliment you on the extremely enjoyable conversation while ordering the windshield. Would be good friends if we lived close I'm thinking. Next I need to compliment you on receiving the shield so quickly. It fit great, and made a huge difference without any wind buffeting, or noise. The wife commented on how much difference it made in diverting the wind up and over her! There's some brownie points for ya'!!! All in all, I love it. The light Grey is awesome, and thanks again for suggesting that. So I guess the review score is a 5 star +! The follow up is just the icing on the cake! Again thanks, and I'll definitely be referring you to everyone I know. Hope you have an adjustable hat band on your cap, but you deserve it! LOL! Again thanks, John and hope to be able to stop in sometime on our next trip West. Thanks, Dennis

Review By: Dennis - Ellsworth, KS

John - Kechi, KS
Thanks very much for following up. In my experience, proactive customer service is lacking in today’s business environment and you taking the time to drop me an e-mail means a lot. I am very happy with the windshield. It is very nice quality. I especially like the extra thickness as compared to the stock windshield. The light smoke and flip design is just what I wanted and I will highly recommend your windshields to other Harley riders. Thanks again for the great customer service. Sincerely, John

Review By: John - Kechi, KS

I do not like my windshield; I love it. It is the best thing I’ve done for my 2006 Harley Ultra Classic Screamin’ Eagle since putting on louder pipes (true-dual BUB 7s with Reinhardt mufflers)! I can see over the windshield and the air goes over my head . . . it is great . . . can’t wait for it to rain!!! Regards, Steve

Review By: Steve - Omaha, NE

Dave - Idaho Falls, ID
I installed the windshield over the weekend and took the bike for a little spin, woooow, how sweet it is to see! The shield was exactly what I hoped for, very clear, thick so that it did not flex and distort going down the road and it seems to deflect the wind every bit as much as the older (and 2" taller) windshield. It's one of those purchases you're glad you spend the bucks on, after the fact. Thanks John!

Review By: Dave - Idaho Falls, ID

I received the shield last service... Thanks. Installed it with the plastic for a test ride. After a few miles I came home and removed the plastic, nice looking shield. I can look over it to a spot about 40 ft. in front of me, just right! My previous shield was a Cee Bailey. It worked pretty well, but because of the shape it would flutter at times causing some buffeting around my helmet. Also, it was too in your face being closer to me. Your shield cured those two problems while giving about the same protection, I like it!! Thanks for a good product at a reasonable price!

Review By: Mike - Pensacola, FL

Chad - Mundelein, IL
Got my new 8" clear shield and have had a good 100 mile ride with it. Looks great, fits great and rides great. You make a far superior shield than the stock one I replaced. The thicker shield and polished edge make it so much better than the stock. I had the 12" stock and the 8" moves as much air around me and I am able to see over it. I will be recommending you to all my friends. Thank you, Chad

Review By: Chad - Mundelein, IL

The shield works perfectly! I was very skeptic that this little extra curve on the windshield would make a difference, but it sure did! Especially when driving behind a car in "dirty air" with a lot of turbulence, then I did not get this hammering on my helmet. This meant I did not become so tired and could ride a lot longer! I can recommend this shield very much. And thanks for a very fast delivery time and good service.

Review By: Ojvind - Denmark

John - Monmouth, ME
I am very satisfied with my Freedom Shields windshield. The workmanship is precise and the finish is superb! It functioned as advertised, especially on our 2000 mile trip from Maine to Ohio this summer. I may try an 8" version down the road. Thank you for a fantastic product. Sincerely, John

Review By: John - Monmouth, ME

Tracy - Hopewell, IL
The shield arrived and I have it mounted. Attached is a pic of it on my 2010 Ultra Limited. It looks great and functions as good as it looks. I have been test riding it a bit and it seems to perform as well or better than my stock height shield and the height is right. Thank you, Tracy

Review By: Tracy - Hopewell, IL

I live in central Wisconsin and I have a 2009 Electra Glide Ultra Classic and received my AirCurve shield a week or so ago. I am 5'10"-5'11" and have the standard seat on my bike but both I and my wife also use the Roho Airhawk Medium Cruiser seat cushion. I could not decide between the 9" or 10" so I chose to have my original HD shield cut down to 9" by a glass company that I do biz with and they polished the edges etc. The result was great visibility over the shield but it buffeted and bounced our helmets (1/2 helmets with visor) and sunglasses so bad it was hard to ride. Based on that result I chose a 10" light Grey and we rode with friends this past weekend putting on 500 miles--it works great, not just good, but great! I can see clearly over the shield and have almost no wind buffeting, it is a great addition and makes the ride far better. The shield really pushes the air over the top and even pushed bugs away which makes the riding experience even better. The thicker material eliminates vibration, the materials are clear, polished edges, just a high quality product. I would highly recommend this shield to any rider...bottom line, it works.

Review By: Rick - Mosinee, WI

William - Raeford, NC
I received the windshield today and I absolutely love it. You helping me choose the right one was defiantly the right decision for me. I put it on took it for a test ride down a long back road and I could not feel the wind in my face at normal driving speeds and for me that is like 78 or so.... same as I do on the highway. I could feel the wind going over my head by about two fingers so any smaller and it would have not worked any larger and it would be right in my eyesight. Thank you for all the help. The timely manner of your shipping was great and I received it in good condition, the box was beat up so I was worried then I got it out and it was perfect thanks again, I love it and I will tell everyone about your company.

Review By: William - Raeford, NC

Rick - Lynwood, WA
Hi John! I received the shield on Friday July 1, fit perfect and the 6" looks great on the bike. I did a 300 mile run on Saturday and a 200 mile run on Monday. The shield eliminated 80-90% of the total buffeting I experience on the Street Glide. I found the other 10-20% is coming from the lower sides of the fairing. My local dealer has a set of lower adjustable defectors coming in this week for me to try. Over all I am more than pleased with the Freedom Shields product, not only is the quality great, but it looks good and most important, it works! John, thank you for the wonderful service and advise. Hi John, just a little update, I finally got the adjustable hd fairing deflectors to go along with 6" Freedom Shields. All Street Glide buffeting issues are now a thing of the past!

Review By: Rick - Lynwood, WA

Dwayne - Elwood, IN
I am very happy with this product to say the least. The customer service, packaging (always a concern), quality, and price are outstanding. I have always had shields I looked through, rather than over, and must say that this shield works well in either situation. Even though it is 2" shorter than the stock shield, I can easily look over or through, depending on weather, etc. I commute over 100 miles a day in all types of weather, from March until Thanksgiving, which here in Indiana can include a variety of conditions, so I did a lot of research before choosing your product. The fit and quality far exceed what HD puts on these bikes. Thank you for an excellent product!

Review By: Dwayne - Elwood, IN

Timothy - Salem, IL
Ok finally took it for a test ride... WOW... love it! I live 45 miles from work and rode it to work last night and then home this morning. It was everything I expected it to be after reading some of the reviews your previous customers posted. All I know is that thanks to the combination of new bars, new (Freedom Shields) windshield, great weather, and the fact that I had just gotten off work, I just had the most relaxing hour and a half ride I have probably ever had!!

Review By: Timothy - Salem, IL

Hi John! Well, I returned home and had a chance to try out my new Freedom Shield! First, let me compliment you on the great customer service. The shield arrived promptly, and it was packaged perfectly...well protected. My first impression before installing the shield was how optically clear the shield was, even at the edges. Nothing like distortion to distract a rider or obstruct visibility...but that won't be an issue with this shield. The shield fit perfectly, although a bit thicker than the OEM shield. Riding impression: The shield performed as advertised! Buffeting was minimal, and I could see over the upper edge without trying to do my giraffe impression. This shield is my new "long distance" shield...I may have to order one an inch or two shorter for those around-town excursions. Thanks for making a wonderful product that performs as advertised! There is so much misinformation out there and product hyperbole that it's refreshing to actually use a product that does exactly what it is supposed to do! Kudos to you and your company, including your personal interest in the customer. I wish you the greatest success, and I'll tell everyone I know about your fantastic product! Until I order again... Best Regards, Brian

Review By: Brian - Tampa, FL

Todd - Montgomery, TX
I recently ordered a 9” windshield for my 2008 Ultra. I was hesitant about getting into a shorter than stock shield because, I tend to get caught out in the rain on occasion. Ok, all the time…. I choose the Freedom Shield 9” AirCurve, Light Grey Tint. The online ordering process was a snap, and immediate follow up from John at Freedom was received. Hands on communication….A novel concept these days. About 7 days later I received my AirCurve, nicely packed with protective film. Here’s a good one…DON’T TAKE THE FILM OFF, install it and take her for a ride! If you don’t like it, send it back, with the film still on. Come on, this aint the 60’s, I’m not used to this kind of support! Installation was a snap, and fitment was exact. The first thing you notice is the AirCurve is substantially thicker than the stock unit, and the edge is finely polished. Superb attention is given to this detail. The other item that caught my attention is the thickness and profile of the AirCurve forces the dash mounted bags away from the windshield. I don’t know if they planned it this way, but it TOTALLY eliminated that annoying rattle that is common with the Harley windshield mount bags at an idle. The bags stand off the windshield about ¼ inch, and that’s a beautiful thing. (By eliminating this noise, you can actually hear if a part falls off your Harley..LOL) ROAD TEST I had business in Navasota, TX about 40 miles from the casa, so I figured a good 80-100 mile road trip on a 100 degree day would be the acid test. Not a cloud in sight, I took off down HWY 105 west from Montgomery, TX, a 60-70 mph 2 lane. Buffeting was minimal at best, and comparable to the stock shield, but in a different way, can’t really explain, but it felt different. I pulled a Lucky Strike out of my vest and pushed in the lighter (The ol cigarette test I was thinking) and I figured it out. I was no longer getting the back draft! Reaching up I could begin to feel the slipstream about 6 inches over the top of the screen, perfect for a 6’ rider. Another thing I noticed was the “fairing sail” was really reduced. This is the movement you get out of the front end in dirty/turbulent air, like when you are behind a semi at speed. Trucks passing me head on at 70mph had dramatically less effect on stability. It’s like a whole different bike. Of course, on the way back, after not having rained for 60 days, the Rainman got dumped on coming home (Go figure…) As long as you stay at speeds over 30mph, the 9” AirCurve is equal or better than the taller stock screen. Below 30, you just plain get wet like any other windshield. In keeping with the Rainman’s requirements, the new AirCurve did not melt in the rain, and neither did the rest of the Harley. Get wet and ride it! In summary, if you’re looking for some new glass for the Harley, give John a shout at Freedom Shield. The pricing is a little higher than the mass produced brands, less than HD and half of the “space shields”. I’d bet no matter what your situation is, he’ll be able to fix you up and you can’t beat the service and the “online” handshake.

Review By: Todd - Montgomery, TX

I finally took my bike out last night for a 80 mile round trip to and from work, all highway miles. I thought I was on a different bike!!!! What a difference!! It used to be when I passed a semi tractor- trailer I had a white knuckle grip on the bars because the bike was getting tossed around so much. Last night I passed them with only one hand on the handlebar. It seems to be an all around smoother ride. I can't believe the windshield could have that much effect on the ride. Even though the new shield is shorter than my old one, and I’m looking over it, there is no wind in my eyes. I wear glasses and my eyes used to get full of tears from the wind. I had the face shield on my helmet up all the way to work with no problem at all. I am definitely going to keep this windshield!!!! I already told 4 guys at work about it. Hope you get some business from them. Thanks for such a great product at a reasonable price.

Review By: John - Shorewood, IL

Hi John, I received the shield last week and all I can say is that I rode this weekend with it on my ultra and it is fantastic! Hard to believe that the 9" is far superior in wind protection than the stock 12" was. I rode in some heavy winds and it works better than advertised. Even my wife commented from the back that she had better protection and it there is not as much wind noise as with the stock shield. You have a fantastic product that I will be telling everybody about!

Review By: Brett - Saskatchewan, Canada

John - Bradenton, FL
I received the 8" dark tint windshield and have it installed and have rode with it about 25 miles so far. I like the shield. And you have the best shield I have had to date on all the bikes I have owned since 1964.

Review By: John - Bradenton, FL

John, the 8” Dark Grey Freedom Shield came Friday afternoon just like you said I couldn’t wait to get home and put it on. The weather forecast was calling for 40% scattered thunder storms that evening but I was compelled to ride and test the new shield before I took the plastic off. After installing the shield I hit the interstate 81 headed south toward Knoxville TN. speed 65 to 75 on cruise control mostly passing and being passed by 4 wheel traffic as well as many 18 wheelers. The Freedom Shield worked perfectly just as I expected, I’m 5’ 10” and the 8” shield diverted the majority of the air turbulence over my head from the tractor trailer rigs very little to no head buffeting. That is a good thing due to I wear bi-focals and the shaking has a tendency to blur the vision a little. I cruised around 127 miles stopping below Knoxville, TN. An stayed in Lenoir City, TN. Worked great on the interstate thought I’d try the Mountains out tomorrow. I removed the plastic that night and the next morning set out on the Cherohala Skyway early the Freedom Shield worked like a dream. Felt so good I took a couple back roads over to Cherokee Indian Reservation and started the lower end of the Blue Ridge Parkway the morning was clear and the vista’s were breath taking the eyes could see for miles in all directions at time I felt like I was riding on top of the world. Well as life would have it that ball of fire started sinking over the mountains and it was time to head home. Thank you John and all the folks at Freedom Shields for making such a quality product that functions just like advertised. The price is very reasonable and added to the eye appeal of the bike thanks for adding to a day I’ll remember for as long as I live.

Review By: Jock - Kingsport, TN

Hi John, tested your shield today and it was fantastic. All the testimonials and feedback from the HD forums were right on! The thickness, polished edges and overall quality, with a great price is impressive. You have a very good product and now have another very happy client spreading the word up here in Canada. Thanks David

Review By: David - Ontario, Canada

Dave - Milwaukee, WI
Hi John, I received the windshield and I liked it the minute I took it out of the box. It looked even better on the bike, when I went for a test ride I couldn't believe it, the wind buffering was reduced about 80% compared to the stock Street Glide windshield. I wear a billed hat that would flutter and shake my glasses with the stock Street Glide windshield. Now even at 70 mph it barely moves. I have the 7" Dark Grey and it works and looks better than than the windshield from Klock Works. Thanks for a great product, Dave

Review By: Dave - Milwaukee, WI

I bought a Harley-Davidson Street Glide in March of 2011. The Street Glide comes with the short (3 ½ inch windshield).That windshield was awful and provided no protection at all against the wind in Texas. I tried the next larger size Harley windshield (7 inch) however it didn’t work either. The next larger size (10 inch) performed abysmally as well. I think that is because the Harley windshields are so much thinner and they are not shaped to redirect the wind as much as the Freedom Shields. Harley-Davidson windshields directed the wind to my face and helmet. I was not able to ride the bike over about 30 miles an hour due to the terrible buffeting of the wind. I was concerned that I would not be able to ride the bike at all due to the wind. I was actually considering the fact that I might have to sell the bike because I couldn’t ride it. I ordered the Freedom 12 inch I installed it and immediately took it for a test ride. I was able to ride highway speeds (55 to 60 MPH) with no problems. There is very little wind shear from this windshield. I now have no qualms about taking a longer trip on the bike. Thank you for a wonderful product. As well the price of your windshield is about half of the price of the Harley product and it performs so much better. Thanks again for a product that works as advertised. I will be happy to recommend your windshields to anyone who asks me about it.

Review By: James - Mckinney, TX

John, received the windshield on Wednesday at my hotel (THANKS!). I immediately installed it and took my FLHTCU out for a spin. What a difference! I bought the bike used and it had a straight 10” windshield. The wind would hit my forehead and vibrate my head, especially if I was wearing a helmet, making even short rides annoying. The new 11” pushes the air perfectly just over the top of my helmet. I’ve put about 150 miles on it, and absolutely love it. I would like to thank you for letting me know when my windshield would ship, changing my ship to address to accommodate my trip, and following up to see how my purchase went. Also, for your EXCELLENT product and service before, during, and after the sale. Businesses that actually provide quality products, knowledgeable staff, and great customer service are scarce in today’s day and age. You apparently run your business with the same motto I do: Take care of your customers…or someone else will! Keep the shiny side up, Chris

Review By: Chris - Warsaw, OH

I just purchased the Freedom Shields 9” Ultra in the dark tint for my 2011 Harley FLHTK. I was immediately impressed by the quality of the new windshield. It is superior to the factory Harley windshield in fit, finish, strength and overall appearance. It looks like what Harley should be putting on their bikes. Because I could do a test run if I leave the protective film on, I thought I would try it under all my riding situations. I rode for about 3 hours and put about 175 miles total on it today. I rode some back roads at 45-60 miles per hour and I rode some interstate at 75-80 miles per hour. I took my half helmet and my full face so I could check both out. On my half helmet I was surprised to find a gentle breeze mostly on the sides of the helmet and on the full face I had no noticeable wind noise. In Utah we have a lot of canyons and the wind sometimes gusts to as much as 65 mph. I purposely rode in the canyons and one notoriously windy area to see how it handled the wind. THAT WAS THE BIGGEST SURPRISE! The wind was still there but the bike didn’t move around as much and I could feel the wind hitting me and trying to blow me off the bike but it didn’t grab the handlebars like the Harley windshield does. This was a huge improvement in keeping control of the bike. Next noticeable improvement was when on the interstate and passing huge tractor trailers I didn’t have as much turbulence as normal. It may be because I don’t have as big a “Sail” as with the Harley but you feel slight pressure as you pass the rear of the truck but nothing after that. I usually get bounced around when passing the big trucks. On another note, it seemed that my engine noise was louder than it normally is with the Harley windshield and I finally deduced that the new windshield had better acoustics in the bubble behind the fairing and less wind noise meant I could hear other things better. I wondered how I would like the dark tint but I love it. It is dark and looks great on the Candy Root Beer bike but it was very easy to see through if you have to. I also found that the 9” was almost exactly at the height of the tip of my nose and gave me plenty of room to comfortably see over it without having to move around. Another bonus that I never thought of is when there is a big difference between the dark tint and seeing clear road ahead is the fact that I didn’t follow cars quite as closely as I did before. If I got close enough that I couldn’t see the car in front of me without looking through the dark tint, I backed off a little until I could see them clearly without looking through the windshield. That’s just a little safety bonus for me. When I got home I pulled off my full face helmet and set it down and then looked at the front of the bike. The fairing and the windshield were covered in about 300-400 bugs I collected on the trip which is pretty normal this time of year. The surprise came when I looked at the front of my helmet and it only had 2 tiny bug spots on the entire helmet. I was very surprised because at least 4 to 5 inches sticks up above the windshield and it really proved to me that the wind was moving above my head like it should. It is so much nicer and easier to see the road now and I thank you for a great product and for superior customer service.

Review By: Jerry - Clearfield, UT

Gary - Belgium, WI
John, I received the shield today just like you said. I installed it and have to thank you for a wonderful product. Everything about it is awesome. I love the design, the dark tint is exactly what I was looking for as far as tint and looks. The thickness is so much better and does not feel like it will crack when trying to keep it clean. There is still to much snow and salt out on the roads right now but I look forward to putting a few hundred miles on with this great addition to my scoot. Thanks again John

Review By: Gary - Belgium, WI

Steve - Partlow, VA
John, the shield arrived safe and sound. I installed it and went for a short ride but haven't really used if for a long haul yet. But so far so good. I'll take some pictures soon and send them on. My neighbor saw the shield and seemed interested in getting one after I let him borrow mine. Oh, and thanks for the cleaner! Sorry I took so long too get back with you. Hope you can use some of these pictures. Wanted to wait till I had the apes installed. Its amazing how the shield still moves the air around the hands even at this height, and still very comfortable. Almost wish I would have gotten the 9 inch!

Review By: Steve - Partlow, VA

John, I had a chance to get a good ride in yesterday with the new Freedom Shield in place. Over the course of 150 miles of pretty much every speed and wind condition, the 8” worked perfectly for the SESG! I’m 6’1” with a fairly long torso and the wind screen worked out great. My wife said she never felt the wind in the passenger position and had no idea we were doing 80. She was used to getting beat up by the wind at those speeds. You have a winner here with this product. It looks great on the bike too. Number one question seems to be if the added thickness creates any problem with complete closure of the fairing pieces when installed. Of course, there’s no problem there, fit and finish are great. Thanks for a great product. I’ll probably have to order another one now for my other dresser! Thanks,

Review By: Craig - Charlotte, NC

Richard - New Zealand
The Windshield is great and I’m very happy with it – really reduces the buffeting. Here’s one picture I took – perhaps a bit too “arty” for what you’re looking for? Cheers Richard

Review By: Richard - New Zealand

Pedro - Portugal
Hello John, yesterday I took a few rays of sunshine to make um look around and try new windshield. It is true that even the wind feels less at higher speeds. Best Regards

Review By: Pedro - Portugal

Hey John, I received the shield yesterday and unpacked it last night and tried it on my bike and I loved it. It is exactly what I was wanting and worked like a charm. The quality is the best I've seen in replacement windshields or factory shields for that matter. I had a V-Rod and I ordered a Windvest for it when I had it, but I have to tell you the Freedom Shield beats the Windvest hands down. Thanks for your help in the ordering process and you have a product I will encourage my fellow riders to look at when they are ready to replace their factory shields. Thanks again and Have a Blessed Day.....Jim

Review By: Jim - Hamilton, AL

Jeff - Lakeville, MN
I finally got a chance to test ride your shield. I am very impressed! I have tried a number of other shields on my 2004 Electra Glide, the Freedom Shield is the best by far. My wife (5'4" tall) and I (6'4" tall) ride together w/her as passenger. We have both been unhappy with the amount of turbulence & buffeting we've experienced with the factory shield, and numerous aftermarket shields. In fact, just this spring I purchased a new Klockwerks Flare 8 1/2" shield. We were very disappointed with the Flare. The noise, turbulence, & buffeting was the worst of any of the shields we had tried. Then I found your windshield. We find it very quiet, with minimal turbulence or buffeting, and it's easy to talk to each other in a normal voice on the road. I am also very impressed with the fit and finish of the Freedom Shield. High quality workmanship is obvious, and this shield vibrates less than any other we've tried. Thanks for a great windshield!

Review By: Jeff - Lakeville, MN

Ray - Niagara Falls, NY
Let me start off by saying the quality of your shield is the best. The polished edges stand out and the heavy shrink wrapped plastic allowed me to handle the shield, TEST RIDE the shield (as advertised) without being concerned of nicks and scratches, and let me make an unrushed opinion as to wanting to keep it or not. I was looking for something shorter than the 12.5" shield that is standard on the HD police models, offer maximum protection while riding, and at the same time, add a cool factor that the clear windshields don't offer. I achieved it with your 10" dark gray windshield. I prefer to look over the windshield while riding, and yet don't enjoy getting beat up by the wind. I am 6' tall, and have the air ride seat that adds a couple of inches to the seat height. The 10" windshield almost completely knocks down the wind that I was used to with the taller windshield, and yet adds a much more comfortable view of the road and a better look to the bike. Thank you for a fine product, and if I can send some business your way, consider it done. I have already had 3 people ask about the windshield since I put it on this morning, and I have only gone to the gas station and back. Your windshield rocks! The Freedom Shield knocks the wind down and just flat out, looks great!

Review By: Ray - Niagara Falls, NY

Rich - Milton, Ontario, Canada
I have attached a picture of my 09 HD Ultra with the 9inch shield I recently purchased from you. I have driven in all types of weather and the shield performed great. I definitely prefer the tinted look and the 9 inch shield which does not make me sacrifice anything in the way of increased wind vs. the stock 14 inch shield. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a better look without having to sacrifice performance or worry about increasing wind noise. The product was as advertised and the strength is second to none in the market. Thanks again

Review By: Rich - Milton, Ontario, Canada

Dave - Madison, WI
I received the windshield in good condition on Friday 07/29. I installed and tested on Saturday AM. I thought it was a big improvement. The big test came Sunday when I took the girlfriend for a ride. She is always complaining about the wind. It passed the test with flying colors. The first thing she said was it's a keeper. She wears a full face helmet. She was always complaining about the helmet catching wind. She said this shield cut down the wind considerably.

Review By: Dave - Madison, WI

Travis - Regina, SK Canada
Here are a few pictures of my 2006 Street Glide with the 7" dark grey windshield. The shield looks awesome on the bike! With me being 6' tall, it puts the wind over my head, making it a dream to ride. No more shaking glasses! Fantastic product....I will have no problem recommending it to others.

Review By: Travis - Regina, SK Canada

Ed - Edmonton, AB Canada
I went ahead and ordered a 8" light gray tinted windshield from Freedom Shields. The online order form will not accept Canadian postal codes but not a problem. Sent John an email and he responded quickly. Told me he would call me at a time convenient to me - great service. Talked to me, gave me some advise on tint and took my order. It was in my hands in a week. They ship using USPS to Canada which is great, less hassle at the border. Shield comes in a well protected box and is wrapped in a protective film. Leave this on and take it for a test ride. If it is not the right size or tint let John know and you can send it back for a replacement. Installation is a snap, just remove the old shield and put the new one on. Three screws on the faring - 5 minutes and you're done. Good quality shield, nice and clear, well polished edges and is a wee bit thicker than stock. So far this is the way all accessory shopping should go.

Review By: Ed - Edmonton, AB Canada

I just returned yesterday. I picked up the windshield at my Mother's house and installed it while I was in Sturgis. It works great. I noticed that it not only deflects the wind above my head but also creates a larger bubble (than my stock windshield) to the right and left. I know this because I used to lean out to dry off my glasses after riding in the rain. Now I have to lean out farther. It's also a good rain riding shield as I could see above it but the rain didn't hit me in the face. I also like the stiffness of it when cleaning it. You don't have to worry about flexing it while working on those hard to remove bugs. I really like it. I'll share the word on v-twin forum.

Review By: Bradley - Annandale, VA

Jimmy - Columbus, MS
First Class Shield. I went with the 8" Light Grey. Shield looks great and the view from behind the handlebars is just what I have been looking for. The stock 9 3/4" shield caused me to look almost thru the top of the shield. Now with the 8", my view is about 2 inches above the top of the shield. Even today I took a 120 mile trip and got caught in the rain, Man with the curve at the top of the shield, the raindrops just roll up to the top of the shield and then up over my head. Pretty Cool. Of course I still get rain in the face, but not as much with the way this shield directs the wind current up and over. Thanks John for a Great Product

Review By: Jimmy - Columbus, MS

WOW! The quality, fit, finish and shipping are everything I was told. Impeccable! I ordered the 9” light grey to replace a stock 9” for my 2010 Ultra Classic with stock seat. I’m 6’0’ and the buffet experienced at highway speeds is gone. I looked at every windshield I could find on the internet; I am glad that I purchased the Freedom Shield first.

Review By: Bryan - Murfreesboro, TN

Tim - Paxton, IL
Love the shield. I was a little worried that 9" would be a little short I'm 6'2 I tried it out with the plastic on it and decided to give it a try. We ran through some rain and the flip in the shield worked great also airflow made it just over my head so it was the correct height . Thanks for the great shield.

Review By: Tim - Paxton, IL

Jon - Ashburn, VA
I have about 400 miles on the new shield and things are looking good. 10” is a height which protects me but also enables me to see over rather than through. If it is hot and not raining I tend to ride with a shortie. The turn up helps push the air flow a bit higher reducing buffeting. I rode the bike about a quarter mile with no hands on a road without traffic and cruise set to 40. The shield did not exhibit any handling issues. I have not yet been caught in the rain so cannot comment on that. This is my fourth attempt to find a proper shield for me, I think this is it. It is noticeable thicker and stronger that my other aftermarket shields.

Review By: Jon - Ashburn, VA

I received the 9" light grey shield and it was in great condition. It was very easy to install on my 2010 FLHTC and it replaced a 4" Harley shield I used all summer. I noticed an immediate improvement from wind buffeting on all road speeds. The speakers sounded even better than before I installed your shield. When riding two up my wife noticed an improvement from wind buffeting and now she can easily hear the music. It also looks very good on the bike, better than any other flip style windshield. It really enhances the classic look of the bike. This is a great product and I would recommend Freedom Shields to others.

Review By: Paul - Groveland, MA

Bill- Marshall, Il
My experience with Freedom Shields has been great. Fast delivery, easy install and the 10" light tint shield works great. It seems to afford better protection than the 12" Harley unit that I was using. I can easily see over the top of it and I receive no buffeting from the wind. I am 5' 9" and it is working excellent for me. Plus, the price is very reasonable. Thanks for a great product.

Review By: Bill- Marshall, Il

Kevin - Norwich, Norfolk England
The screen is great, no buffeting even at 95.

Review By: Kevin - Norwich, Norfolk England

James - Midlothian, VA
Hey here are the pics and looks great. The 11 inch is perfect for those long road trips but I think I want to order a 9 or 10 inch for everyday use so you'll be hearing from me soon.

Review By: James - Midlothian, VA

Jim - Knoxville, IA
We like the shield. It deflects the air up and over. Nice for riding on long rides.

Review By: Jim - Knoxville, IA

Renee - Greer, SC
Installed the 10” Light Grey Freedom Shield this weekend... I love it! I am 5’10 and can easily see over the shield. There is no wind or buffeting, where with my HD stock 10” the wind was hitting my forehead. I really like the thickness; it seems more stable than the stock shield. The Air Curve design is great! Here are a few pictures... Thanks again!

Review By: Renee - Greer, SC

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I flat love this windshield!! Ordered it and received it in about 3 days time, that was outstanding!! Installed it and went for a ride. Man what a difference your windshield makes over the stock!! I was genuinely amazed, my helmet visor doesn't get buffeted anymore and I had to turn down the tunes. And it looks really good to boot....... If anybody asked me about my windshield, I will certainly send them to your website.

Review By: Kevin - Dallas, TX

Rory - Glendale, AZ
I have a friend that bought a Long Ride Shield at the same time I bought mine from you and we did a comparison of the two and Yours is hands down much better, the LRS has a brown tint , but called Dark Grey and has almost squared edges in the top and not polished like mine. The bottom where it fits into the fairing is a little curved so it doesn't sit flat and the little tabs aren't tapered to seal correct. And when you look close the "glass" appears to be distorted, kinda like orange peel paint. Thanks Again

Review By: Rory - Glendale, AZ

I received the windshields just in time for my vacation and used the 8" dk smoke for a 1700 mile blast through England, under the tunnel to France, onward to Spain landing in Malaga. Both shield's look and perform well. Thanks for a great product at a great price.

Review By: Adam - Cheshire England

I received my windshield and put it on. Looks, quality and ride results made me glad I chose your product.I saw it on a bike at a local gas station and the guy told me of your web site and how he was happy with his. I will recomend it very highly to anyone in the market.

Review By: Ron - Dracut, MA

Thanks very much for the follow-up. Yes, I did receive the shield and I'm very pleased with the performance. I had already switched to a six inch shield when I purchased the bike, however I still got a face full of wind. The eight inch shield from Freedom Shields works perfect. It was easy to install and is more durable than the stock shield.

Review By: George - Gainesville, VA

The goods arrived quality and top service...easy mounting and 3 happy Belgian customers.

Review By: Tom - Olsene Belgium

Vince - Pearland, TX
I received the shield this morning. It is awesome, I can ride with my regular glasses on and they don't bounce around. Wind noise is greatly reduced even with a half helmet on. Looks fantastic. I'd recommend this shield to anyone. Thanks Vince

Review By: Vince - Pearland, TX

Arthur - Crocker, MO
Thanks for checking to see how I like the shields I bought from you. That kind of customer service is rare and I appreciate it. I am 5'10" and sit on a Mustang touring seat that is a little taller than the stock seat on my 2010 SESG. I got the 9" smoked shield and am very happy with it. This set up gives me plenty of air and completely eliminated the buffeting and noise I had with the stock 4" shield. I have ridden with this setup in the rain, night time and normal riding. The shield performs great under all circumstances. Install was a breeze and the quality of the Freedom Shield is fantastic. Freedom Shields ships fast and has excellent customer service. A great product, made in the U.S.A., and the best customer service in the industry... Why bother wasting your time and money with anything else?

Review By: Arthur - Crocker, MO

Bob - Milton, GA
I finally had a chance to get the shield installed and give it a try, I love it! The quality and finish of the shield is outstanding. I rode about 300 miles on Saturday and I was amazed that a 7" shield could provide as much protection as it does. We went thru two hard rainstorms and the shield protection I needed to keep going without having to stop. Thanks again for providing us with a great product. Thanks again, Bob

Review By: Bob - Milton, GA

Donnie - La Porte, TX
I was on a 2900 mile ride into Wyoming, the shield performed great. It moved the air up and over my head, the only wind I got was coming from under the fairing. I'm totally satisfied with the Freedom Shield. It's a great product and I would highly recommend it. Thanks, Donnie

Review By: Donnie - La Porte, TX

Bogie - Ingleside, IL
The fit in the batwing fairing is excellent. Each side of the shield matches the cut of the fairing perfectly. When installed, I sprayed some cleaner on to remove fingerprints, etc. As I was wiping it off, the shield was solid behind the towel - rather than flexing as other shields can do - obviously a result of the thicker material and wider top. Even though this shield is 1/2" shorter than my previous recurved shield, it provides a better rider pocket - which must be due to the combination of the wider top and the “Air Curve” design. I became very conscious of air flow and noise while riding a Road Glide FLHTRX for 2 weeks - this is the model with effectively no windshield (just a little stub that doesn't even rise above the radio mount). Blasting my face and a noise so loud in my ears I couldn't hear the radio... I was very happy to get behind my previous shield as I picked up my bike from service. So much less wind and noise. Then, after installing the Freedom Shield, it was even better - about the same amount of wind feeling at the top of my head as the previous shield, BUT - a lot less turbulence around my ears, therefore, less noise in the ears... And, in a very rare occasion, my lady was riding on the pillion yesterday (taking her to pick up her ride from service) – she is fairly tall and her eyes are just about able to see over my head from the back seat…she said the wind was no issue and was very comfortable with the sound level, it was easy to converse. While back at the dealer to pick up my lady's ride - the owner was out talking with us and the polished edge of the shield caught his eye. He asked what I had done - told him about Freedom Shields - he was impressed enough with the fit and finish he is going to call to become a distributor. I think that says a lot - he's been in the business for a long time, seen lots of products and is impressed enough to call. I like the Freedom Shield for all aspects of it – function, quality, clarity, appearance and value. Respectfully, -bogie

Review By: Bogie - Ingleside, IL

TW - Ft. Myers, FL
I love the 10" Light Grey tint Freedom Shield on my 2010 Ultra Limited. I am 5 feet 11 inches tall and this shield allows me to see over the top while providing outstanding wind protection for rider and passenger. There is also less turbulence and more stability at highway speeds than with the stock shield. The fit and finish is superb and I would highly recommend this shield to anyone.

Review By: TW - Ft. Myers, FL

David - Munsonville, NH
After riding for the past three years with the original full height stock windshield on my ’03 Ultra Classic and getting tired of looking through it, (especially when it would rain) it was time for a new one. And after looking at the competition and reading the reviews on several v-twin forums Freedom Shields was the obvious choice. The hardest decision I needed to make was which height to choose but after e-mailing John (several times with faster than expected replies) and offering a little height and riding information he suggested the 8” height with the ability to exchange it if necessary. Well what can I say the 8” height turned out to be perfect, I love the way it looks and performs. It performs just like the website says it does and the look is closer to stock than the others out there which was very important to me. Thank you John for the extraordinary service and your attention to customer satisfaction, I will be telling this story often.

Review By: David - Munsonville, NH

Mike - Seoul, Korea
The shield was received last week in perfect condition. Thanks for packing it so well. I installed it on on Saturday and we put 250 miles on it Sunday. There is a big difference from the Clearview Shield I was running before, even though they are the same height (8 inches). The Freedom Shield is thicker, and with the polished edge a much better looking product. It has a slightly larger recurve and seemed to be about 1/2 inch wider that the Clearview. It produced a nice "quiet" pocket of air to ride behind. Thanks again! Mike

Review By: Mike - Seoul, Korea

Dwayne - Toronto, Canada
I am always skeptical about ordering a product online I have never used before. I ordered the 9" dark tint windshield from Freedom Shields and am pleased to say it has proved to be everything that was advertised. Customer service is outstanding, just ask any other manufacturer if you can try it and return it for a different size.

Review By: Dwayne - Toronto, Canada

Mark - Oviedo, FL
This shield is first class. The thickness. The polished edges. The visual clarity are all outstanding. Here is a picture of the 7". I also have an 11" on order. Thank you for a great shield!

Review By: Mark - Oviedo, FL

Alfred - St.Poelten, Austria
Got my 10´´, light grey tinted Freedom Shield delivered to Austria-Europe without any problem. Packing was very good, installation easy. Very impressive was the first ride which I did on a highway. Thought there was something wrong with my bike because everything was so quiet, then I realized I was already going 150 km/h but there was almost no buffeting. Before I had a lot of buffeting at a big range of speed. After testing 700 km, for me the shield is much better then the original one. I would buy again and can only recommend!

Review By: Alfred - St.Poelten, Austria

Keith - Ontario, Canada
I got my shield today. It looks great and I really like the way it works. Call me crazy but I can hear my radio better. Thanks so much, Keith

Review By: Keith - Ontario, Canada

Bill - Flushing, NY
I replaced the stock 12" clear with this 10" light grey and am very pleased with the results. The windshield works great and looks great. I have a few friends who are going to try my shield on their bikes so maybe I can drum up some business for you.

Review By: Bill - Flushing, NY

I peeled off the plastic and was amazed at the clarity, thickness, strength and quality of this shield. I am keeping it and am VERY impressed. Thanks so much. As much as I hate to do it, I may ditch my new Long Ride Shield for one of yours on my other motor. Very impressive! I've had 4 different windshield manufacturers installed on my Harley dressers over the last several years (including Harley's own stock shield). Your product is way ahead of the others in terms of quality and value for the price. For allowing me to really examine your product. You have taken great pains to insure that what you send out is top notch. I am sold and will not likely install anything other than a Freedom Shield on my personal motorcycle in the future.

Review By: Deputy R.C. - Macomb County Sheriff's Office

Jeff - Stoughton, WI
Shield arrived today and looks great!! I was only able to take a short jaunt and I know I will like it a lot.

Review By: Jeff - Stoughton, WI

Yes, I have installed my shield on my 2010 Electric Glide Ultra. I am very pleased. The shield arrived promptly and was packed very securely. I really appreciated the opportunity to try it out before removing the protective film. Great idea and rarely seen. As for the performance of the windshield. It works as promised. The stock shield was too tall and I was caught between looking through it or right at the top edge. I prefer to look over my shield, but still have enough protection to avoid helmet buffeting. The Freedom shield delivered.

Review By: Scott - Colorado Springs, CO

I did receive the windshield last Friday and installed and tested it immediately. I love it! I have severe arthritis in my back and neck and this shield helps tremendously with keeping the pressure off my head and neck area. I only regret is that I did not get it earlier. This is s super product and the pricing can’t be beat anywhere. Great service from ordering to follow up. Great job and keep up the great quality work.

Review By: Todd - Slater, SC

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