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Road Glide 1998-2013

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Pascal - Ontario, Canada
600 miles trial run in the back roads of Quebec and I couldn't be happier. Perfect balance of wind deflection and road visibility. Paired with solid construction and great customer support. Thank you.

Review By: Pascal - Ontario, Canada

Bert - The Netherlands
Hi John, The windshield worked perfect. As you might know we are allowed to ride a little faster when were riding in Germany. I went up to 110mph for a period and was able to ride with one hand on the handlebar, amazing what youre windshield does. Im very happy with the shield and will recommend it to everyone. Many thanks. Best regards, Bert . . . . PS The pictures are taken in the French Alps!

Review By: Bert - The Netherlands

James - Pflugerville TX
I received my 12" Dark shield the other day. I finally got around to getting it installed and taking for that test ride you suggest. I'm pleased to say that I believe this will be the last windshield I'll ever have to buy for this bike. You definitely have a customer for life. The quality and craftsmenship you put into these shields is remarkable and I couldn't be happier. I'm proud to say that I bought a Freedom Shields brand windshield for my Harley to any and all who ask. Keep up the good work.

Review By: James - Pflugerville TX

Frederick -  Spokane, WA
I replaced a 15 inch Harley wind splitter with the 12 inch Freedom. The 15 inch Harley measured 10 inches from the bottom of the radio housing and sat 3 inches closer to the the driver so my visibility over the shield is the same. After a 10 minute test ride getting up to 80 MPH the plastic protection was removed and a 110 mile trip wearing sun glasses and a half helmet commenced. A 999% improvement, minimal buffeting up to 65 and what I consider to be clean air 70 to 75. Totally, entirely, throughly and completely satisfied with the quality and visibility. I am now going to Costco to purchase the jumbo box of toilet paper which will be sent to the windshield engineers at Harley so they can engineer there rear ends before coming up with any more crap. There's no comparison with your product.

Review By: Frederick - Spokane, WA

Bruce - Metamora, IL
I ordered a Freedom Shields Road Glide windshield. At the last minute my wife and I decided to ride from central Illinois to Florida for Thanksgiving. The shield arrived the day before we were to leave. I installed it according to John's instructions. I really appreciated having the well nuts already installed. And, by the way, SUPERIOR well nuts to those that one might normally obtain. They are great! The fitment of the shield is perfect. I bought the 14 inch version. It measured exactly what John said it would from the "shelf" of my Road Glide's radio. So, I was fairly confident the shield would work OK for me on my upcoming 2,500 mile ride. I was a little nervous because, literally, all I was able to do, after installation, was sit on the bike in the garage before we were to leave. The morning we left, November 17, 2012, it was 26 degrees. We rode from the Peoria area to Metropolis, IL that Satruday. Had a meeting with Superman!! LOL! I've been on Road Glides since 2000. Many of we "Gliders" will attest that we have a garage full of windshields! I'm not different. I've tried lots of 'em. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this windshield! I am 6' 4". It is the PERFECT height for me. By choice I want to look "over" the windshield. Again, perfect height. Also, at highway speeds, it keeps me in a wonderful pocket of very "queit" air. Man, that's a treat. It is, without question, the best windshield I have ever owned. Vision, through the light tint, close up, during slow maneuvers, is easy! The thing is 'dead clear" No imperfections anywhere! Thanks a lot, John. I love this thing! And, I appreciate the great fulfillment service, as well! I'll be replacing the shield on my '01 Roadie real soon. As soon as I can "size" my wife, who rides my "old" Road Glide now. Great job!! Best Regards, Bruce I've been on Road Glides since 2000. 2012 is almost over. Many of you "Gliders" will attest that they have a garage full of windshields.

Review By: Bruce - Metamora, IL

Tom - Centennial, CO
I got my 12 inch Dark Grey windshield for my 2011 CVO Road Glide today from John at Freedom Shields. He and his wife even drove down from the mountains to meet me so I could get some miles on it this weekend. What a superb product it is! I have owned Harley and Klock Works shields for my Electra Glide and the quality of this shield has them all beat. The tint is perfect, the shape totally makes the bike look killer and the edges are as smooth as glass. I already have 80 miles on it and am completely satisfied. I am 6' 3" and the 12 inch shield cuts the wind better than the stock windshield that came with the bike. I easily see over the top of it and don't feel any buffeting to my helmet. Thanks John and Debbie!

Review By: Tom - Centennial, CO

Richard - Victoria, TX
Ok, I finally got the shield on and went for a 50 mile ride. I really like the look of the shield. Fit, thickness and finish are great. Rode with just a half helmet and sunglasses. Got some wind of course, but I would call it clean air. So far, Ive tried the Harley 12 windsplitter, 12 Mako, 12 KlockWerks and yours. Ive got 4 shields and Im keeping yours on the bike. Would not hesitate to recommend it to any RG owner. Again, thanks for all your patience and help.

Review By: Richard - Victoria, TX

James - Elizabeth, CO
I rode 170 miles on Sat, the new 10" Road Glide windshield works great. The wind is over my head and I still look about 4" over the top of the shield. Thanks!!!

Review By: James - Elizabeth, CO

Les - St Bonifacius, MN
I purchased a new recurve Road Glide windshield from Freedom Shields last week and it arrived yesterday. It is their 14" in Light Grey. This is replacing the stock 15" shield. I wanted one close to the height of the stock shield since I can look over that one and it gives me the wind protection I want. Prior to this I had a 16" Klock Works, but I did not like it as the edge of the shield fell into my sight line so I had to sit as straight as possible to see over it. The Freedom shield is a very well made shield that has no distortions or imperfections and it comes with a bottom trim piece and well nuts attached. Fit was spot on and very easy to mount. The ride is great with the wind pushed up to the top of my helmet with no buffeting. I do like how well I can see around with the lower sheild and I am very pleased with the product as well as the way I was treated by John. They also offer to take back the shield as long as you do not remove the protective film. I mounted it with the film on and took it for a ride. Once I was satisfied with the performance I removed the film. The film is cut so you do not have to remove the shield to remove the film.

Review By: Les - St Bonifacius, MN

David - Aurora, CO
I love my new Freedom Shield! I sell Harleys for a living and I have rode behind most after market screens and Freedom Shield is the best! Other screens are thin and of poor materials. My last screen would flap wildly at speed and scratched easily. I can hear my radio better and smoke a cigarette at 80 ! If you own a Harley Road Glide do your self a favor and get one of these shields!

Review By: David - Aurora, CO

Hey John, The road glide windshield works great . It was worth the wait. The performance of your shield is even better than I had hoped for. I put the original rain-x on it and it works just like I had hoped. Ill try to get you some pics after thanksgiving. Very happy!!!

Review By: Miller - Ft Smith, AR

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