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Indian Chieftain/Roadmaster

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Dave- Jacksonville, FL
I purchased my 2016 Indian Chieftain in June and my dealer installed a Indian flared shield for me for free. Once I rode the bike for a bit, I noticed a bad distortion right where the shield flared. Took the bike back and had them install a large Indian touring shield. This one had bad distortion all around the outer edge, about 1 inch in. Frustrated, I spoke with the technician and he recommended I see what Freedom Shields had to offer. Checked this site and found a nice flared shield claiming no distortion. I called and ordered a 12 inch light grey and, Iíve gotta say, I wish Indian came with these shields. The flare is not quite as drastic as the Indian one (which is good) but it handles the wind wonderfully, especially raised all the way up on the Chieftain. Super easy to install and no distortion at all. I guessed at the height when I ordered it but am happy with the 12 inch shield height. And did I mention no distortion? None at all. And shipping was fast and well packed and protected. And the price was extremely attractive. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO EVERY INDIAN CHIEFTAIN OR ROADMASTER OWNER!!!

Review By: Dave- Jacksonville, FL

Darrell - Moore, ID
Rec'd my new shield and installed it on my 2016 Road Master. The stock shield was ok, I would extend it up and then down an inch to get the wind management I wanted, in the rain it would not go up high enough for me. Your shield, I take it down and then up an inch, I am riding with it 3" lower and getting the same wind management, plus it will go up high enough to ride in the rain with out crouching down under the shield. This is the best shield I have ever ridden behind. Thanks for a great product! I am headed out this weekend for a about a 700 mile ride I will put it through the paces then.

Review By: Darrell - Moore, ID

Brian - Newberg, MO
John, Attached are a few pictures of the Freedom Shield mounted on my 2015 Indian Roadmaster. I rode it to work this morning, temp in central Missouri was 50 degrees, I hadn't ridden 100 yards and noticed a huge difference. The windshield deflected the cool air perfectly, just as advertised. I would recommend that Indian offer this product on all of their motorcycles direct from the showroom. Installation of the medium tint 14" windshield was very easy, fitment was perfect, and as you can see, it looks great on my bike. We are heading out west on a 2 week tour in Sept, this will be the true test, I anticipate it will perform perfectly. Very happy with the product and highly recommend it to all riders. Thanks John. Like I said in my email previously that we were taking a trip out west. We rode a total of 4250 miles in 17 days from Missouri to Utah. Riding with the medium tint 14" windshield in the low position was as advertised, no Kansas bugs in the face, no wind buffeting from big rigs. We really enjoyed the ride, the only time I raised the windshield to max height was during a day-loge on I-70 through Glenwood Springs on Sept 8th. Even then the windshield kept my face and glasses dry allowing us to have a safe ride without any issues. I received several complements on the looks of the bike with the tinted windshield, it was unbelievable. Thanks again for the product!!!!

Review By: Brian - Newberg, MO

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