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Indian Springfield

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David - Alburnett, IA
Dear John, (couldn't resist), here are some pictures of the Springfield with the 16" shield installed. I am one fussy, nit picky, son of a gun. I drive my self crazy. With that said I was absolutely blown away by the quality of your shield John. I can't find one single detail that could be improved on. I do hate Styrofoam packing peanuts, they blow all over and are a mess to get rid off, but do to the quality of your product I'm going to forgive you this time. Do to my critical nature I seldom endorse anything, but I have been plugging your product on Good luck in business John, and good health and peace to you and your's. David

Review By: David - Alburnett, IA

Tate - Mishawaka, IN
So far so good!! The installation was a breeze and now that I have it on the bike I can honestly say I would have bought the shield based on the look of the flare alone haha. That curve looks so nice with the flared front fender on these bikes. I did take it for a short ride and only got up to like 60 mph but I'm pretty sure it does work better than the old shield as well.

Review By: Tate - Mishawaka, IN

Daniel - Tucson, AZ
The shield is AWESOME….less wind buffeting on my helmet then the stock shield. Drove about 450 miles yesterday so a bit dragging today..LOL. Only Springfield at this ride, not sure where they are hiding, had a lot of lookers and one other guy with a Scout who had one of your shields already, so word of mouth was passed on. Working on getting the energy up to go clean the bike…killed a crap load of bugs yesterday…LOL. Long day.--

Review By: Daniel - Tucson, AZ

Jeff - Santa Ana, CA
Been riding my Springfield with the 16" Freedom windshield and really enjoying it. I have the light grey tint, and it looks terrific. At 6" tall, the stock windshield just wasn't doing it and I was getting heavy winds at highway speed. I was able to use my stock windshield hardware, and only took 20-30 minutes to swap the windshield onto the hardware. The fit and finish is superb; better than the stock windshield. As a plus, there is no distortion caused by the flare windshield. John at Freedom Shields was very pleasant to work with for ordering. I recommend this windshield if you're looking for something different other than stock on the Springfield. I certainly was, and glad I chose this one.

Review By: Jeff - Santa Ana, CA

Mike - Vonore,TN
Really like the height, I can see over it and still have wind protection.

Review By: Mike - Vonore,TN

Doug - Arundel, ME
Love the new windshield on my Springfield. 12" with medium tint is awesome!!

Review By: Doug - Arundel, ME

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