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Vincent - Pearland, TX
What can I say about Freedom Shields I've been using their products since they started.

Review By: Vincent - Pearland, TX

David - Windsor, CA
I learned of recurve windshields from my cousin and after some online research I settled on Freedom Shields. I choose the stock height for a 2015 Switchback (16") with Light Grey tint. Installation was quick and easy, the hole pattern was an exact match for the Harley hardware. The windshield is more substantial and a great improvement with less wind noise and turbulence than the stock unit. I recommend this, you won't be sorry."

Review By: David - Windsor, CA

Steve - North Chesterfield, VA
John, I spent a lot of time searching for a custom recurve windshield for my wife’s Switchback. The 13” recurved shield you made for her is perfect. It looks great going down the road, cuts the wind, and reduced her helmet buffering. The quality is outstanding, the tint is perfect,and most important…my wife loves it. Thanks again for your excellent customer service, and the superior product.

Review By: Steve - North Chesterfield, VA

Marge - Belleview, NE
Can't tell you how cool this shield looks! I've actually been asked by a couple cagers at traffic lights about it. The recurve is just enough to send the wind over my helmet yet at 16 inches I see perfectly over the top. I believe the extra width at the top seems to help with that issue. Plus that's what seems to draw the attention. It's not like the stock shield that is rounded at the top. It's different, it's cool!

Review By: Marge - Belleview, NE

Kesha - Surfside Beach, SC
I absolutely love my Freedom Shields! While riding on the west coast of Florida on New Year's day it was very windy with my stock windshield. The wind was "beating" me up and made for a not so fun ride! So when we returned home my husband said he would order me a Freedom Shields and what a difference it has made! Now on those windy days you don't even notice! Freedom Shields rocks!!

Review By: Kesha - Surfside Beach, SC

David - St Marys, GA
John, your Freedom Shields windshield we order works better then a h-d one that came with our Switchback. When riding the air goes over the top of our helmets and no wind buffering.

Review By: David - St Marys, GA

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