Motorcycle Windshields Designed for HARLEY-DAVIDSON® – INDIAN® – VICTORY®

The Highest Quality Windshields on the Market
Handcrafted Excellence – Made in the USA
Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty


• AirCurve drives the airflow 2″-3″ higher than standard windshield
• Cleaner air flow – less wind noise & turbulence for the rider and passenger
• Helps stabilize the bike at higher speeds
• Allows you to use a shorter shield for a better view over the top without sacrificing comfort or use the same size or taller shield for added comfort.
• 30% thicker than the stock shield and other shields for more stability and added strength
• Crystal clear optical clarity – No distortion !
• High luster, hand polished edges
• Slightly wider on the upper half of the shield – wider wind deflection creates a quieter, more comfortable ride for the rider and passenger
• Pre-formed and ready to mount like the stock shield
• Best quality, performance, optical clarity, fit and finish in the industry


• Premium high impact modified acrylic – Very durable – 5 Year Warranty   (same material used around hockey rinks)
• D.O.T. Approved – Exceeds industry and D.O.T. standards
• UV protection – shield will not discolor or haze from the sun or weather
• Rain-X safe

Choosing a Size:

• The ideal height of the shield is where the top edge of the shield is level with
the tip of your nose. This gives you about 2” to see over the top of the shield
when looking straight ahead, and the shield will be tall enough to get the
airflow over you.

• To help determine which size shield you need, here are a couple ways to test:
–  If you have a taller stock shield on your bike, you can place a piece of Blue
Painters Masking Tape on your shield with the top edge of the tape at different
heights and take a short ride to get settled into your normal riding position to make
sure you can see over the tape by about 2″ looking straight ahead down the road.
–  If you have a shorter stock shield on your bike, you can tape different size pieces
of cardboard on your shield with Blue Painters Masking Tape and take a slow ride
to get settled into your normal riding position to check the size.

Test Ride our Shield:

• Your shield will come with a protective plastic film applied to both sides of the
shield. Make sure to leave the plastic on the shield, mount the shield and take a
short test ride, as long as you have good visibility.
• If you are not completely satisfied with the height or performance of the shield,
you may return the shield for a different size or for full credit (less any shipping charges) as long as the shield is like new and the protective plastic film has not been removed.

 • Take your time . . . make sure it is right.  No worries if you order in the winter months and it takes until Spring to try it out.

Hand made in the USA 
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