INDIAN SCOUT Windshields


The Highest Quality Windshields on the Market
   Handcrafted Excellence  –  Made in the USA

INDIAN SCOUT Windshields Features

Replacement Windshield Only – (no hardware included)
Designed to fit the stock Indian mounting hardware

• AirCurve design drives the airflow 2″-3″ higher than a standard windshield
• Cleaner air flow – less wind noise & turbulence for the rider and passenger
• Helps stabilize the bike at higher speeds
• Allows you to use a shorter shield for a better view over the top without sacrificing comfort or use the same size or taller shield for added comfort.
• 30% thicker than other aftermarket windshields
• Crystal clear optical clarity – No distortion !
• High luster, hand polished edges
• 4 sizes to choose from 18″ – 24″
• 2″ wider on each side of the shield
Creates a quieter, more comfortable ride for the rider and passenger
• Precision drilled for a perfect fit using the stock Indian hardware
• Best quality, performance, optical clarity, fit and finish in the industry

The shield is measured in the center from the top of the headlight cutout on the windshield up to the top edge.




• Premium high impact modified acrylic – Very durable – 5 Year Warranty
(same material used around hockey rinks)
• D.O.T. Approved – Exceeds industry and D.O.T. standards
• UV protection – shield will not discolor or haze from the sun or weather
• Rain-X safe

Choosing a Size

• To look over the shield, the ideal height is where the top edge of the shield is level with the tip of your nose. This gives you about 2” to see over the top of the shield when looking straight ahead and with this height the wind will clear the top of your head for a comfortable and quiet ride.
• To look through the shield, the ideal height is where the top edge of the shield is about 2-3″ above your line of sight.  This gives you the most comfort and protection, but when it rains and the shield gets dirty it gets harder to see through the shield.
• The shield is measured in the center from the top of the headlight cutout on the windshield up to the top edge
• To help determine which size shield you need, here are a couple ways to test:
–  If you have a taller stock shield on your bike, you can place a piece of Blue Painters Masking Tape on your shield with the top edge of the tape at different heights and take a short ride to get settled into your normal riding position to make sure you can see over the tape by about 2″ looking straight ahead down the road.
–  If you have a shorter stock shield on your bike, you can tape different size pieces of cardboard on your shield with Blue Painters Masking Tape and take a slow ride to get settled into our normal riding position to check the size.

Test Ride our Shield

• Your shield will come with a protective plastic film applied to both sides of the shield. Make sure to leave the plastic on the shield, mount the shield and take a short test ride, as long as you have good visibility over the shield.
• If you are not completely satisfied with the height or performance of the shield, you may return the shield for a different size or for full credit (less any shipping charges) as long as the shield is like new and the protective plastic film has not been removed.

• Take your time . . . make sure it is right.  No worries if you order in the winter months and it takes until Spring to try it out.

Rider Reviews

As promised I snapped a couple photos of my wife’s 2016 Scout Sixty with the 18″ windshield. “CLEAR”
Review By: John – Culleoka, TN

The windshield arrived on Friday. I already build it and tested it. The Scout with the original windshield (24”) could only go 150 km/h (93/mph) then it becomes unstable. I was afraid of going any faster. With your windshield I could drive over 180 km/h and the bike was very stable. The windshield is a dream come true. Thank you for the fast delivery. Kind regards, Romouald
Review By: Romuald – Berlin, Germany

Hi !…Just wanted to say I Received my new windshield for my Indian Scout today!!…22″ of light grey tinted beauty!!..Looks awesome, and I know it will make a big difference to my driving on the highways this year. Thank you for such wonderful service and a high quality windshield that took minutes to put on and looks amazing on my bike as you can see! All the Best Linda
Review By: Linda – Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi John, Even after reviewing the Freedom windshield design for a Scout on line, and speaking with you about replacing my stock 24” windshield, I was still a bit skeptical replacing it with shorter one, but I ordered the Clear 22″. After the 10-minutes installation of the new Freedom shield, and as instructed, I did not remove the protective film, and I took a demo ride. Needless to say, the ride removed ALL doubt about the height and contour. I’m 5′ 8″ and the Freedom hits me just above my upper lip, as determined with a carpenters bubble level, and even though it’s shorter, there is almost no turbulence there. To check the airflow direction at the top of the windshield at highway speed, I put my hand at the top of the shield and my hand didn’t move. However once I extended my full hand beyond the top of the shield to catch the airflow, the airflow almost ripped my arm from it’s socket and it took it over my helmet! The windshield performed EXACTLY as you stated it would! In addition, when sitting behind the shield at highway speed, it’s almost like being in a low-pressure vacuum, something the factory never had. With my left arm fully extended past the windshield, it was almost ripped off! When bringing it back to the edge of the shield, the airflow on the side of the shield shoves it to the gas tank! Anyway, needless to say, after 2-demo rides, there was no hesitation to remove the protective film and make the windshield mine! I also like the 100% return policy as long as I didn’t remove the protective film. Just thought you’d like to know that I’m completely satisfied with your product and service and I HIGHLY recommend both!”
Review By: Mike – Lodi, CA

Excellent windshield, perfect fit! Many thanks
Review By: Mark – Alberta, Canada

When considering a purchase from Freedom Shields just know that you will receive an outstanding customer experience and a top notch product. I know first-hand! I learned of Freedom Shield’s Indian Scout windshield while reading through multiple posts on the forum. Like many others, I previously purchased the mid-height Indian branded windshield, but was underwhelmed with its performance, but figured I’d just live with it after forking out the money. After I switched out the stock seat for the 1920 Scout Solo Saddle, the ride was unbearable with the factory shield – my head was constantly bobbing around, wind noise was brutal, and it would wear me out after a half hour ride. I ordered the 22″ shield from Freedom. The order was easy and I received updates regarding shipping status and an expected delivery date. When the shield arrived, I was impressed with the packaging. Loads of peanuts to protect the product as well as a thick plastic wrap to protect it from any damage during transit. I quickly installed it on my bike and took it out for a test run, without removing the protective coating, as clearly listed on the instructions on the back of the new shield. The difference between Freedoms shield and the stock windshield was drastic and immediately noticeable. After cruising around for a few miles, I thought – man – this windshield is 100% better than stock, but if it were just 2″ higher, it would be perfect. Remember, I have the solo saddle from Indian that raises you up a few inches from stock. After arriving home, I went back to the Freedom Shield’s website and discovered the brand new offering of a 24″ shield. I emailed John and inquired about an exchange. It was hassle free and John was extremely responsive. An excellent customer service experience! Now for the 24″ shield itself – I highly recommend this to all of you taller riders or folks with the solo saddle. The Freedom Shield windshield utilizes the Indian brand windshield frame, so it still maintains the convenience of being able to quickly remove if needed. I haven’t taken it off once since I installed it and have several hundred miles of experience now with this new addition. By far one of the best upgrades I’ve made to my cycle. I am 5’10” and can now comfortably ride with a half helmet. The Freedom Shield provides a large pocket of calm air with no head buffeting, even at interstate speeds. I routinely ride with a Bluetooth headset and this shield now makes it possible to carry on an intercom or phone conversation at slower speeds (up to around 40 MPH) without any wind interference on the mic. I’m able to listen to music comfortably at all speeds (up to 100 MPH) – yes, it is a well build windshield that can handle that speed and without the front wobble I experienced with the factory shield. I’m very happy with this purchase and strongly endorse Freedom Shield’s product and customer service!
Review By: Jared – Sterling, VA

Freedom Windshield rocks my world view I had a 24″ tall Indian windshield, no mas. It sucked. Constantly found myself having to hide behind this flat, skinny shield ….. When a truck blew by or heck, when the wind blew in Colorado, found myself hunched over and ducking Looked at the 3 models on the vendor page and I really liked the flip design that Freedom Windshield has. My friend John, Triumph Thunderbird, has similiar and really coveted it. Got on line and ordered. 2 days later John at Freedom Windshield had ready. Beautiful Rocky Mtn ride up to Pine CO to pick up. Check it out, love it. 2 inches wider on either side and the air blows over me now. Like night vs. Day. No more ducking when going my usual 70-80. I can sit and enjoy my Corbin backrest. Highly recommend after only a 100 miles. Ride home was great, Pine to Deckers to Woodland Park and down the hill to Colorado Springs. Very windy day and the ride home was much more enjoyable. I wish I had this installed when I rode to Utah, Idaho, Wyoming this summer as the wind management is much improved. Check out the way it’s contoured, like a fine looking woman. Nothing like the flat POS that is the Indian OEM shield. One last shot…its nice and wide The Indian OEM shields are too skinny. The American Freedom Shields have some meat, really help with the wind blowing at you when you are going 90 up a mountain.
Review By: Dan – Colorado Springs, CO

First and foremost this shield makes me feel like I’m cheating. Not only now does the wind cleanly clear my face but the two inches wider helps push the wind outside of my hands at freeway speeds making for more comfy 0 dark 30 autumn rides. My upper body feels it is being cheated from a hardcore ride and is now confused into thinking I’m driving a convertible. Thanks John (Freedom Shields) this shield is great.
Review By: Will – Bennett, CO

Hello John, Just wanted to follow-up with my initial thoughts after installing the windshield on my Indian Scout. Unfortunately my test run was less than ten miles, but long enough to give me a good impression. With the old windshield there was the head buffeting problem that occurred around 55 and up. I’m happy to say that has been completely eliminated. With the new windshield the front wheel seems to be better ‘planted’ if that makes sense. With the OEM windshield not only was there head buffeting, but at higher speeds the front wheel seemed less stable. Lastly, the width of new windshield is of great benefit, as it tends to push the air way from hand grips and away from the driver, thus reducing the forces against the driver’s body. Bottom-line, I definitely like the new windshield. And highly recommend it to anyone considering it. Regards, Glenn
Review By: Glenn – Rutherfordton, NC

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 24 × 12 in