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Your shield has eliminated the buffeting and shield vibration.

Just installed my 24″ shield on my 2018 Scout.  Assembly and Installation were a piece of cake. Took it for a 40 mile test ride and am very happy with it.  I detected little or no difference in turbulence from 45 to 100 mph so I will need to rely more on my speedometer from now on 😉. Your shield has eliminated the buffeting and shield vibration I experienced with the standard Indian shield.  With the stock shield, my helmet was buffeted so badly that I had trouble reading traffic signs at higher speeds. I offer the following in case it helps others decide which Freedom size to select: I am 5’9″.  When seated, I measured 33″ from a flat wooden bench to the center of my eye.  I have the stock seat and reduced reach handlebars so now I am able to ride relatively upright. The top of the 24″ Freedom shield is approx. 2 inches below my level sight line. I wouldn’t have wanted the shield any higher in my vision and at first, I was nervous that I should have selected the 22″ however, on the road I didn’t find any problem seeing over the shield.  I returned home and peeled off the plastic. Assuming they have the stock Scout seat, I would advise anyone with a seat to eyeball height less that my 33″ to consider the 22″ shield but believe I would have selected the 24″ if I would have had the opportunity to try both.

Review By: Mark – Hudson, WI