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Blew the wind and bugs up, over and around me

I got your windshield when I was it the In-laws in Montana and rode back to Edmonton and have got about 1500km on it. It’s amazing…. I went from the OEM 19” and when I installed your 18” windshield I thought Uh Oh…. It was quite low, and I was worried instantly that I made a mistake…. But no way man. I rode 10 hrs the first day with it and zero regrets. Blew the wind and bugs up, over and around me. Now instead of me looking about 1/2 to 1” above the OEM I’m a good 2” above the FS and the lip throws the air right over me.  I’m very satisfied and will definitely be passing a good word for you guys.

Review By: Jeff – Edmonton, Canada

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A true work of art

Per instructions, I test rode with protective film intact, and found it to be very good indeed, so removed from bike and removed the film, then installed on bike and treated with BugSlide and polished.  This windshield is a very fine piece; a true work of art and am very pleased with fitment. Today, I rode for about 2.5 hours through winding highway, and some city and residential areas, and am absolutely stoked and impressed with my new windshield experience; the size is perfect, the buffeting/turbulence that was present before with the 8.5 Memphis shades is gone, including around lower faring! This addition to my 2020 Road Glide compliments the bike and the riding experience at a high level!

Review By: Andy – British Columbia, Canada

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I highly recommend Freedom Shields

Getting a shield that wouldn’t have buffeting issues for my 2022 Harley Road King Special was a huge challenge. But let me cut to the chase, the Freedom Shield’s 22” flared shield works perfectly for me and my wife as passenger. I’d tried several brands and heights to my endless frustration, and then I found Freedom Shields. John was awesome as he helped by custom cutting the vent holes, and when I also installed the fork leg air deflectors – see the pic – all the buffeting and lower wind stopped completely for me and my wife. While I’m only 5 foot 8, and I’m looking through the windshield, the comfort of no wind noise, no buffeting, no bugs, and a clear shield, works flawlessly. I highly recommend Freedom Shields and their customer service and patience with me was refreshing. 5 Stars!

Review By: Mark – Halfmoon, NY

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Couldn’t be happier, what a beautiful addition

Big thank you. Could immediately tell the high quality, feel and look of the windshield as soon as I took it out of the box. Holes matched perfectly with my stock frame. Didn’t even bother with a test ride, just removed the plastic coating and mounted on bike. Couldn’t be happier, what a beautiful addition. Rode the bike after. PERFECT! 

Review By: Richard – Alberta, Canada

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I would highly recommend Freedom Shields to anyone wanting to improve their riding experience!!!!!!!!!!

Worked with John and his crew to get the windshield issue resolved.  I must say how refreshing it is to have a company and owner so dedicated to the customer’s satisfaction. The windshield is amazing.  I’m 6’2 and initially ordered a MED Grey 10” windshield for my 2019 FLHTK / Ultra, but that was too big, in my eye line of sight (for how I sit in the seat (stock HD seat). John and I worked through the issues and decided on the 9” LIGHT Grey tint.  Perfect!!!!  Looks great, and more importantly does what it is designed to do (minimize rider helmet / head buffeting). Thanks again John, and I would highly recommend Freedom Shields to anyone wanting to improve their riding experience!!!!!!!!!!

Review By; Mark – Clarksville, TN

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Thanks for making such a good product

Want to let you know I am extremely pleased with the shield and the look. I wasn’t really sure about the about the touring style when ordering it but after putting it on I am glad I went that route. I also have the 9 inch on my 2005 that have gotten from you eight years ago. Thanks for making such a good product, hard to come by these days!!!!

Review By: Kevin – Westfield, VT

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This wind screen is hands down the most amazing screen I have ever owned!

Oh my gosh, this wind screen is hands down the most amazing screen I have ever owned!  The 17″ sport clear is perfect.  I am 5’6″ and I sit entirely behind the screen, it is crystal clear!  Zero distortion. No vibration on the screen at all.  Threw down 150 miles with it today and it is never leaving my bike.  My husband also LOVES his smoke tinted 15″!  His words: “if I had to pick between giving up this wind screen or chocolate cake, I am giving up chocolate cake.  Here is a pic from my Sena helmet cam, gives a different perspective than most of the reviews.  It is crystal clear.

Review By: Jennifer – Lees Summit, MO

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It was well worth the price

I purchased a 14” medium gray windshield for my 2021 Indian Scout Fairing. The windshield looks great!  You can really tell the quality workmanship; it was a perfect fit, and the finish is the best you can buy. It was easy to install, and it was well worth the price. I replied the Indian 7” clear windshield which is the tallest Indian makes and it’s just not tall enough.  I’m 5’11” and this new Freedom Shield windshield pushes the wind above my head. I have a clear line of sight over the windshield, and it looks great on the fairing and the bike! Thanks for the great windshield!

Review By: Yantis – San Angelo, TX

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I’m not wore out and fatigued at the end of a long day.

I wish I’d known about aftermarket windshields sooner! I’ve had my 20” Freedom Shield for about a year now and I am so happy with it! I was riding with wind slap around my head for years, not knowing it could be remedied. I am much more comfortable now, especially on long rides. I’m not wore out and fatigued at the end of a long day. A Freedom Shield, paired with fork wind deflectors, will take almost all the buffeting of your head and torso. Highly recommend!

Review By: Wes – Dripping Springs, TX