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It was well worth the price

I purchased a 14” medium gray windshield for my 2021 Indian Scout Fairing. The windshield looks great!  You can really tell the quality workmanship; it was a perfect fit, and the finish is the best you can buy. It was easy to install, and it was well worth the price. I replied the Indian 7” clear windshield which is the tallest Indian makes and it’s just not tall enough.  I’m 5’11” and this new Freedom Shield windshield pushes the wind above my head. I have a clear line of sight over the windshield, and it looks great on the fairing and the bike! Thanks for the great windshield!

Review By: Yantis – San Angelo, TX

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I’m not wore out and fatigued at the end of a long day.

I wish I’d known about aftermarket windshields sooner! I’ve had my 20” Freedom Shield for about a year now and I am so happy with it! I was riding with wind slap around my head for years, not knowing it could be remedied. I am much more comfortable now, especially on long rides. I’m not wore out and fatigued at the end of a long day. A Freedom Shield, paired with fork wind deflectors, will take almost all the buffeting of your head and torso. Highly recommend!

Review By: Wes – Dripping Springs, TX

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It fit my bike perfect.

I ordered the 17-in freedom Touring shield. It came exactly on the day they said it would. It came out of the package perfect, and it fit my bike perfect. I made it 3 miles before I tore the protective wrap off of it. it is the best windshield I have ever used. The only downside is that now I can hear all the creaks from my various parts of my motorcycle that I could not hear before because of wind noise… lol.

Review By: Randy – Cleveland, TN

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Been running it all over and it is PERFECT

Received my windshield. Was so confident that I would love it that I went ahead and took the laminate off and installed. Been running it all over and it is PERFECT. Freedom Shields made it easy with the measurement tips. I took the measurements using the windshield I had (and loved) and looked at the Freedom Shields measurements. Found one that was close and just a tad taller. So, I ended up with the 12″ Touring (clear) on my 2016 FLTRU.  I can easily see over it.  (I am 5’8″ with an Ultimate Seat.) The windshield is styled better, fits the curve on the front perfectly!!, and is solid.  Love the clear especially when cresting a hill. Neither myself nor my passenger experience any buffeting. Please tell your crew thanks for doing such great work as Freedom Shields is delivering a quality product made in the US. It DOES make a difference.

Review By: Shawn – Charlotte, NC

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I would highly recommend Freedom Shields to anyone wanting to improve their riding experience!!!!!!!!!!

Worked with John and his crew to get the windshield issue resolved.  I must say how refreshing it is to have a company and owner so dedicated to the customer’s satisfaction. The windshield is amazing.  I’m 6’2 and initially ordered a MED Grey 10” windshield for my 2019 FLHTK / Ultra, but that was too big, in my eye line of sight (for how I sit in the seat (stock HD seat). John and I worked through the issues and decided on the 9” LIGHT Grey tint.  Perfect!!!!  Looks great, and more importantly does what it is designed to do (minimize rider helmet / head buffeting). Thanks again John, and I would highly recommend Freedom Shields to anyone wanting to improve their riding experience!!!!!!!!!!

Review By; Mark – Clarksville, TN

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Get your shield from Freedom Shields

I broke my shield on my Electra Glide. I come across Freedom Shields. My old windshield was 10″ from center of the bolt hole to top of shield so I ordered a 10″ from Freedom Shields. Was informed a new shield would be a few weeks as they custom make to order. Ordered a cheap one, 10″ off Amazon, and it was horrible. Contacted them and gave them some info. I was getting a new seat that was going to sit me up a little higher than the stock seat. They recommend a 11 or 12″. I decided to go 12″ at 6’5″ I figured that was best. They changed the order before the 10″ shipped. Got the new shield in and a quick road test and found it to be too tall for my liking. Sent an email and got the return process started to go with a 11″ touring width. Return process was quick and painless. Got the new shield in and took a quick road test and it was perfect. Took a 375 mile trip through thick fog on the highway and windy back roads through light rain. Shield was amazing. Buy once and cry once. Get your shield from Freedom Shields. A great product from a company with amazing customer. 

Review By: James – Mooresville, NC

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Absolutely amazing!

Hi John, I just had to write. I wear prescription progressive glasses, usually I have to wear goggles over them or a shield on my helmet to keep my eyes from watering and drying out and my glasses from shaking. Also, my ears would whistle after a long ride. Today I road 100 miles for the first time in a long time with just my glasses, no goggles or helmet shield, in total comfort and no ear whistling! Absolutely amazing, Thank you!

Review By: Terry – Ontario, Canada

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I LOVE it!!

Hi John, I finally got a chance to install my Freedom Shield on my bike after all this crazy weather we had in NY and I wanted to just say THANK YOU for such an incredible product, and for such beautiful work. My ride is absolutely transformed, and I can’t believe I ever was a “no windshield rider” before. Also, the 18inch was absolutely perfect. The 20inch would have cut into my field of vision. My take on the “see through or see over” the windshield is definitely see over… the uniqueness of the curve of your shield has permitted me to stay warm, ride safely with the aerodynamic challenges of wind force, and see clearly. I LOVE it!!

Review By; Catherine – Center Moriches, NY