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Like the rest thank you for a quality-built product

I want to say first, like the rest thank you for a quality-built product. I don’t know how much time you invested in upcurve angles and how to get the optical clarity down, but it works. I am 5’6 180 and I ride a 21 SGS with a heated and cooled sundowner seat and the 8 inch med smoke touring shield was it for me. I can still see over the shield about 2-3 bike lengths ahead. Realistically less than that I can look through it which is optically clear so no issues but if I’m doing that than I’m following too close. I wear a half helmet and at 130 my head and sunglasses are still attached to me. Head buffeting is gone. And like others have said my radio is clearer and even at the 130 mark where wind takes over, I am 3-4 bars less on volume and can hear it fine. Install was easy it fit right in, I sat on the bike and my eye level over was good, so I ripped off the film and trusted what others said about the wind performance, and it fit the bill. It is also thicker as claimed, and I didn’t have to put a micrometer to measure, it’s obvious. Thank you for a great shield and a great policy if I needed something different. 

Review By: Rickey – Hollywood, FL

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The overall fit is excellent

After a new seat purchase, which sat me about an inch higher on my Limited, it was time to go a little bigger with my windshield. I’m also going to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway with some buddies in the fall so…. I ordered your 11 inch TOURING windshield to swap out with the 9 inch I bought from you a few years back. I installed the touring windshield the afternoon I received it. It took some patience to get the mounting bolts to line up and when it was done, I took it for a test ride. I wasn’t sure if I had gone too tall and the plastic film kept drawing my eyes to it…SO, I went home, pulled the windshield, and removed the protective film. I rode my bike to work the next morning at 04:45 and found the 11″ height to be PERFECT!! The overall fit is excellent. The wings are not rubbing on the fairing, and it looks great! Thanks for designing and manufacturing such a thick and solid windshield!!

Review By: Don – Ledgewood, NJ

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INCREDIBLE shields. I have a 2015 HD ultra limited, and from the start was unimpressed by the stock shield. After research I kept seeing how John, Freedom Shields, personally responds to requests, I was not disappointed. Impressed as he responded to my inquiry at 2300. Pretty late for a response, again impressed. He asked and understood how I “sit” on the bike and offered his suggestions. I decided to get two. One shorter and darker for more local rides. . .yes the kid came out and it was a “cool” looking shield. I ordered a taller more practical highway shield. I have logged about 3500 miles between the two and have been impressed on every ride. The shields arrived slightly faster than promised, were well protected for shipping. The first impression was high quality. They were noticeably thicker than stock. They installed without any issues. The fit and finish is second to none. then off to ride. I was impressed enough the protective film was removed halfway through the “test drive”. The taller shield was used for a ride from Indianapolis to Daytona. (return trip was non-stop straight through ride). 3 major heavy downpours, many large (prehistoric Florida bugs, construction zones littered with fine material being blown up off road and the shield never gave me pause or regret. I purchased a 9″ medium tint (no problem seeing through after dark to road surface) and a 10″light tint. Both were touring width a choice I DO NOT regret. Awesome. Any bike I own moving forward with be immediately equipped with Freedom Shields windshield. As far as the real important aspect, the people. John and his staff are the epitome of how and what customer service should look and feel like. Don’t overthink the decision, touch base with John and get your shield. Thank you, John, for an incredible experience.

Review By: Walter – Greenfield, IN

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I would highly recommend Freedom Shields to anyone wanting to improve their riding experience!!!!!!!!!!

Worked with John and his crew to get the windshield issue resolved.  I must say how refreshing it is to have a company and owner so dedicated to the customer’s satisfaction. The windshield is amazing.  I’m 6’2 and initially ordered a MED Grey 10” windshield for my 2019 FLHTK / Ultra, but that was too big, in my eye line of sight (for how I sit in the seat (stock HD seat). John and I worked through the issues and decided on the 9” LIGHT Grey tint.  Perfect!!!!  Looks great, and more importantly does what it is designed to do (minimize rider helmet / head buffeting). Thanks again John, and I would highly recommend Freedom Shields to anyone wanting to improve their riding experience!!!!!!!!!!

Review By; Mark – Clarksville, TN

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Thanks for making such a good product

Want to let you know I am extremely pleased with the shield and the look. I wasn’t really sure about the about the touring style when ordering it but after putting it on I am glad I went that route. I also have the 9 inch on my 2005 that have gotten from you eight years ago. Thanks for making such a good product, hard to come by these days!!!!

Review By: Kevin – Westfield, VT

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Get your shield from Freedom Shields

I broke my shield on my Electra Glide. I come across Freedom Shields. My old windshield was 10″ from center of the bolt hole to top of shield so I ordered a 10″ from Freedom Shields. Was informed a new shield would be a few weeks as they custom make to order. Ordered a cheap one, 10″ off Amazon, and it was horrible. Contacted them and gave them some info. I was getting a new seat that was going to sit me up a little higher than the stock seat. They recommend a 11 or 12″. I decided to go 12″ at 6’5″ I figured that was best. They changed the order before the 10″ shipped. Got the new shield in and a quick road test and found it to be too tall for my liking. Sent an email and got the return process started to go with a 11″ touring width. Return process was quick and painless. Got the new shield in and took a quick road test and it was perfect. Took a 375 mile trip through thick fog on the highway and windy back roads through light rain. Shield was amazing. Buy once and cry once. Get your shield from Freedom Shields. A great product from a company with amazing customer service. 

Review By: James – Mooresville, NC

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Thank you for providing such a high-quality product!

Hi John, I just wanted to let you know that I received my shield. You were correct about the hole spacing for Reckless fairings and everything fit like a glove. This is by far the best aftermarket windshield I have ever seen. I have had it in for 24 hours and have already received 4 unsolicited compliments. Thank you for providing such a high-quality product!

Review By: Matt – Saugus, MA

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It’s easy to see why Freedom Shields are by far the BEST!

I wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for our new shield. My Wife and I just finished our 1000+ mi. trip to the Adirondack on our “21” Ultra.  The 8” touring model, light grey tint was outstanding. My Wife (5’8”) said the shield was as good if not better than the 10” stock. No buffering at all, even at high speeds. The touring model also took some wind off her shoulders. Additionally, the speakers even sounded clearer and there was very limited resistance passing those 18 wheelers.  At 5’11’’ I was able to see over the 8” by a couple of inches and the light grey tint was not only “practical” when I did look through it but also looked much better than I anticipated. One final note. I was initially concerned about the space/gap on the fairing that I had heard about, in a few other reviews. John, you were spot on 1/16”, not an issue. I don’t know of many companies where you can actually speak directly to the owner and receive a five-year warranty (best in the business) …. Enough said. It’s easy to see why Freedom Shields are by far the BEST!

Review By: Chas – Milford, MA (8″ Light Grey Touring Style)