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I would highly recommend Freedom Shields to anyone wanting to improve their riding experience!!!!!!!!!!

Worked with John and his crew to get the windshield issue resolved.  I must say how refreshing it is to have a company and owner so dedicated to the customer’s satisfaction. The windshield is amazing.  I’m 6’2 and initially ordered a MED Grey 10” windshield for my 2019 FLHTK / Ultra, but that was too big, in my eye line of sight (for how I sit in the seat (stock HD seat). John and I worked through the issues and decided on the 9” LIGHT Grey tint.  Perfect!!!!  Looks great, and more importantly does what it is designed to do (minimize rider helmet / head buffeting). Thanks again John, and I would highly recommend Freedom Shields to anyone wanting to improve their riding experience!!!!!!!!!!

Review By; Mark – Clarksville, TN

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Get your shield from Freedom Shields

I broke my shield on my Electra Glide. I come across Freedom Shields. My old windshield was 10″ from center of the bolt hole to top of shield so I ordered a 10″ from Freedom Shields. Was informed a new shield would be a few weeks as they custom make to order. Ordered a cheap one, 10″ off Amazon, and it was horrible. Contacted them and gave them some info. I was getting a new seat that was going to sit me up a little higher than the stock seat. They recommend a 11 or 12″. I decided to go 12″ at 6’5″ I figured that was best. They changed the order before the 10″ shipped. Got the new shield in and a quick road test and found it to be too tall for my liking. Sent an email and got the return process started to go with a 11″ touring width. Return process was quick and painless. Got the new shield in and took a quick road test and it was perfect. Took a 375 mile trip through thick fog on the highway and windy back roads through light rain. Shield was amazing. Buy once and cry once. Get your shield from Freedom Shields. A great product from a company with amazing customer. 

Review By: James – Mooresville, NC

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Thank you for providing such a high-quality product!

Hi John, I just wanted to let you know that I received my shield. You were correct about the hole spacing for Reckless fairings and everything fit like a glove. This is by far the best aftermarket windshield I have ever seen. I have had it in for 24 hours and have already received 4 unsolicited compliments. Thank you for providing such a high-quality product!

Review By: Matt – Saugus, MA

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It’s easy to see why Freedom Shields are by far the BEST!

I wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for our new shield. My Wife and I just finished our 1000+ mi. trip to the Adirondack on our “21” Ultra.  The 8” touring model, light grey tint was outstanding. My Wife (5’8”) said the shield was as good if not better than the 10” stock. No buffering at all, even at high speeds. The touring model also took some wind off her shoulders. Additionally, the speakers even sounded clearer and there was very limited resistance passing those 18 wheelers.  At 5’11’’ I was able to see over the 8” by a couple of inches and the light grey tint was not only “practical” when I did look through it but also looked much better than I anticipated. One final note. I was initially concerned about the space/gap on the fairing that I had heard about, in a few other reviews. John, you were spot on 1/16”, not an issue. I don’t know of many companies where you can actually speak directly to the owner and receive a five-year warranty (best in the business) …. Enough said. It’s easy to see why Freedom Shields are by far the BEST!

Review By: Chas – Milford, MA (8″ Light Grey Touring Style)

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This shield is AWESOME!  

John, your quick response to my several emails and completely answering all my questions regarding help on getting the right height was 100% spot on.  I have to admit, high quality customer service is nearly a lost art in retail sales, thank you and the team for outstanding service!   This new shield greatly improved the look of my bike, the stock shield was tall about 15 inches, good protection, terrible glare and not a good fit for me.  With my Freedom Shield, I am looking over it, at a proper height, even if I slouch a little.  My wife as the passenger has good wind protection as well, no wind buffeting and a comfortable ride also.  I have to say your quality control folks have eagle vision, I decided to purchase a “blem”, 8″ touring width that was listed for the 2014 touring bikes, I can barely see where, even with the little sticker showing where the “scratch” is located see any issue or problem on this shield.   I could not be more pleased. I will for sure recommend Freedom Shield to anyone who may be looking for a high-quality windshield, a fantastic customer support team and well packaged/shipped products. Thank you all very much!

Review By: Norman – Salem, OR

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I’m looking forward to many more miles with my Freedom Shield windshield.

John, I wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love my new windshield from Freedom Shields. Harley Davidson has designed, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful bikes ever made by the motor company. The only thing that they missed the mark on in my opinion was the factory windshield. After numerous direct hits from swarms of bees etc., I’m looking forward to many more miles with my Freedom Shield windshield. It has enhanced the riding experience greatly. I must include wind protection also reduction in noise which makes listening to my boom audio that much nicer, even at highway speeds. I want to thank you again for the laser etching.  I think it looks beautiful, subtle and really stands out on this motorcycle. Thanks again for everything! I appreciate your attention to detail.

Review By: Fran – Valencia, CA