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The overall fit is excellent

After a new seat purchase, which sat me about an inch higher on my Limited, it was time to go a little bigger with my windshield. I’m also going to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway with some buddies in the fall so…. I ordered your 11 inch TOURING windshield to swap out with the 9 inch I bought from you a few years back. I installed the touring windshield the afternoon I received it. It took some patience to get the mounting bolts to line up and when it was done, I took it for a test ride. I wasn’t sure if I had gone too tall and the plastic film kept drawing my eyes to it…SO, I went home, pulled the windshield, and removed the protective film. I rode my bike to work the next morning at 04:45 and found the 11″ height to be PERFECT!! The overall fit is excellent. The wings are not rubbing on the fairing, and it looks great! Thanks for designing and manufacturing such a thick and solid windshield!!

Review By: Don – Ledgewood, NJ