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The Freedom Shield had brought a new love to riding my Road Glide

I’ve been able to put about 1K miles on the bike since installing the shield. Nothing short of amazing!  The product lives up to the level of service you guys provide. The height and tint level recommended by John are perfect.  Aside from the obvious of blocking wind which it does perfectly, I was able to get the full experience while riding through a storm, I had benefits I didn’t even imagine in the way of the rain protection and even being able to hear my factory speakers at high speeds. I like to ride with my visor 1 click open to allow for a nice airflow but still provide sun and wind protection. With my old shield, I could get to about 40 mph and the wind would slam it shut, with Freedom shield I hit 100+ have my visor slightly open and get a gentle airflow. The shield gives a new feel to the bike, driving the front wheel down at higher speeds, I can feel it with the increased handling, making the bike feel more solid. Here is my favorite part. I rode to Vegas during a freak desert storm. I was amazed at the protection the shield offered, creating a dry bubble around me. My torso, arms and helmet face stayed dry through the storm while my lower pant legs were soaked, proving the full effectiveness of the shield.  The Freedom Shield had brought a new love to riding my Road Glide and made me even enjoy my Simpson helmet again, where I was so frustrated with the wind noise, I was going to replace it. I saved money by not having to replace the helmet or my speakers.  Without a doubt, the Freedom Shield has been the best money I’ve spent on my bike. Your high level of service coupled with a superior quality product is nothing less than exceptional. 

Review By: Edward – Victorville, CA (15″ Medium Grey Sport Touring Style)