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Been running it all over and it is PERFECT

Received my windshield. Was so confident that I would love it that I went ahead and took the laminate off and installed. Been running it all over and it is PERFECT. Freedom Shields made it easy with the measurement tips. I took the measurements using the windshield I had (and loved) and looked at the Freedom Shields measurements. Found one that was close and just a tad taller. So, I ended up with the 12″ Touring (clear) on my 2016 FLTRU.  I can easily see over it.  (I am 5’8″ with an Ultimate Seat.) The windshield is styled better, fits the curve on the front perfectly!!, and is solid.  Love the clear especially when cresting a hill. Neither myself nor my passenger experience any buffeting. Please tell your crew thanks for doing such great work as Freedom Shields is delivering a quality product made in the US. It DOES make a difference.

Review By: Shawn – Charlotte, NC

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It’s clearly superior craftsmanship

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve had a chance to put some miles on my shield and I LOVE IT. It’s clearly superior craftsmanship and your customer service was every bit as amazing as the reputation that preceded it. Heading to Sturgis this morning and looking forward to getting there without my neck screaming from all the wind buffeting I used to get with my stock shield. Thanks again!!

Review By: Kristin – Ossian, IA

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This is definitely a (tall) passenger friendly windshield!

I ordered the 18″ with the hope it would be tall enough to make the ride experience more enjoyable for my wife as the passenger and you did it! I wanted to get some good rides in with it before getting back to you and the delay with replacing the darn speaker pods (2 of the 4 windshield mounting bolts were cross threaded and couldn’t get them out) made it take a bit longer.  The stock and follow on klockwerks windshields gave her nothing but a face full of wind & buffeting. As she is also 6′ tall, I thought it might be impossible to find a windshield tall enough to improve the ride for her. At your recommendation I went with the 18″ Touring and in a light grey tint as I would be looking through it. I was surprised at the quality and durability taking it out of the box, this is a windshield! It was a little interesting to look through the shield vs over it at first, but it works great for me, and the tint is perfect. There is minimal to zero distortion while looking through it which I am very thankful for. As I ride year-round in TN, I am finally looking forward to wintertime riding with the difference this shield makes. After replacing those speaker pods, I took my wife out & about on the backroads up to 60 mph and she loved it! She said it was the most pleasant ride she has had and really appreciates it. We went out and got a highway ride in shortly after and still at those speeds your shield made all the difference! This is definitely a (tall) passenger friendly windshield! Thank you so much and so glad I chose Freedom Shields. I still want to order a shorter shield just for me when I get the chance in the future.  Bike: 2017 Harley Road Glide Ultra

Review By: Dan – Clarksville, TN

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No bobble head

Holy Cow!!!! Got the shield yesterday late and rushed to put it on and do my trial ride. It took about 40 seconds to find out that in fact your shields do what you say they will, 30 minutes later I was re-installing after pulling shipping plastic. This morning on the way to work it was pure pleasure riding down I-45 at bobble head, not near as much noise so I am back in my ½ helmet instead of full with a visor. Very glad we opted for 16” instead of 15” as I still look over top by a couple inches.. can’t wait to see what it does in the rain. You were spot on  the light grey, makes the bike look great.

Review By: Stan – Willis, TX

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Very impressed with quality

Couldn’t be happier with this shield Me: 5″10″, 32″ inseam. Bike: 2020 HD Road Glide Limited, stock seat. Shield: 16″ Touring, Light Grey Tint. I originally ordered a 17″ but found it was just a tad too tall. Returned for a 16″ with no problems at all. Great customer service. Very easy to install. Very impressed with quality – thicker than any other shield I have seen and much more optically clear, even in the curved areas. The wind passes cleanly over my helmet with no buffeting and much quieter. Don’t know what else to say except you owe it to yourself to get one.

Review By: Dave – Boise, ID

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The difference in quality from my old shield is not even comparable

Received the 16” windshield for my 2016 Road Glide today and installed as suggested, with the protective coating intact. Height is spot on, and the shield sits right where I wanted it to. Took a short ride and the wind is about 2.5 inches above my head (guesstimate as I was just sticking my hand up there) and I’m only getting a slight turbulence on the top of my head and it’s coming in from the sides. Got back home and pulled the protective layer and reinstalled and the shield is beautiful, with fantastic clarity. Took it for another short ride and can say that the difference in quality from my old shield is not even comparable, it’s true that you do get what you pay for sir! The part I wasn’t expecting was to see why the inside measurement is so important (from the dash to the tip of the shield). Compared to my old windshield, your product lays down more and extends more toward the rider and from the side it more closely follows the angle of the fairing. This makes it look 100% better to me, as it looks like it belongs on the bike instead of an afterthought by the engineers on the original design. Thanks for all your help in getting the measurements correct!

Review By: Michael – Palm Coast, FL

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The freedom shield is far superior to any other shield I’ve ever used.

The freedom shield is far superior to any other shield I’ve ever used. High quality and craftsmanship and lack of distortion. No matter how I look, over or through it, it doesn’t distort my view. The lines of the shield really compliment my road glide special. I can hear my pack talk and radio over 40 mph where before I couldn’t hear anything but wind. Talking with John was a pleasure. He responded quickly to my phone calls and is very professional. I told John that I’m 6ft tall with 34″ inseam and what kind of bike I had (2017 Road Glide Special). He suggested the 13″ shield and it is perfect. I can see at least 2″ over the top and the wind just hits the top of my helmet, all wind buffeting gone. Arrived well packaged and I was amazed how thick and strong it was compared to the stock shield. I definitely would recommend the freedom shield not just for road gliders but to everyone. My first thoughts after installing the shield and going for a 200 mile ride was Holy Sh!! This thing is great. I Love it. Thank you John and company for making a superior shield.

Review By: Charles – Newport, AZ

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The craftsmanship is impeccable, and it looks really nice on the bike

I received my 12” Dark Grey Sport Touring shield today for my 2019 CVO Road Glide and wasted no time installing that bad boy. I must say as all the other comments do, the craftsmanship is impeccable, and it looks really nice on the bike, this is definitely not a “cookie cutter” made shield.  I really like that the windshield is very solid and almost feels as if it’s an extension of the fairing. I am 5’9” with a 30” inseam and the 12” glass is perfect on this particular set up. I’m definitely promoting your product to anyone looking for a new windshield!  😉 Thanks again for a quality product.

Review By: Barry – Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I have had a few Harleys and more than a few windshields, and none come close to the windshield purchased from Freedom

John, I can’t tell you how pleased I am with how things transpired. I am in the customer service business too, and pleasing customers is a talent and can be a chore, but you may be one of the best customer pleasers I have come across. From your personal phone calls to consult me on what I needed, to helping me complete the process with expedited shipping to Canada, all was over the top service. Tracy needs an honorable mention as well. Thanks guys! Now the product. I have had a few Harleys and more than a few windshields (embarrassed to say how many windshields at a few hundred dollars a pop), and none come close to the windshield purchased from Freedom. I have a condition called tinnitus (ringing in the ears), so wind buffeting is brutal on my hearing. Every Harley with every windshield I have ever had necessitated me wearing some type of ear plug or cotton due to the buffeting. I was so stoked when I received my new 13″ Freedom windshield for my newly acquired 2018 Road Glide Special, that right after I installed it, I jumped on and went for my test ride with the protective plastic still on. Damn it I forgot my ear protection! Guess what, I didn’t miss my ear protection at all. Going down the highway at 120 kmph (70 mph) I barely had any buffeting or wind! And hearing my stereo at that speed was also a new experience. Pulling back into my driveway my ears were not driving me crazy as they normally would have even with plugs!  And lastly the appearance and quality are fantastic. Heavy construction material, great fit, and looks GREAT! Thanks again John. 

Review By: Paul – British Columbia, Canada

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The wind is not a problem anymore

I bought a 13” Sport windshield Dark tint for my 2019 Road Glide Special, and I have to say that I’m very impressed of its quality, you can feel it’s good material, you can see trough it at night really clear and I can now listen to music at 85 mph on the highway. The wind is not a problem anymore, still feel the breeze over my forehead which is great, without affecting the sound. Had a couple of doubts before but John really helped me a lot with them. Great customer service! I will recommend this wind shields 100%.

Review By: Juan – Miami, FL