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The difference in quality from my old shield is not even comparable

Received the 16” windshield for my 2016 Road Glide today and installed as suggested, with the protective coating intact. Height is spot on, and the shield sits right where I wanted it to. Took a short ride and the wind is about 2.5 inches above my head (guesstimate as I was just sticking my hand up there) and I’m only getting a slight turbulence on the top of my head and it’s coming in from the sides. Got back home and pulled the protective layer and reinstalled and the shield is beautiful, with fantastic clarity. Took it for another short ride and can say that the difference in quality from my old shield is not even comparable, it’s true that you do get what you pay for sir! The part I wasn’t expecting was to see why the inside measurement is so important (from the dash to the tip of the shield). Compared to my old windshield, your product lays down more and extends more toward the rider and from the side it more closely follows the angle of the fairing. This makes it look 100% better to me, as it looks like it belongs on the bike instead of an afterthought by the engineers on the original design. Thanks for all your help in getting the measurements correct!

Review By: Michael – Palm Coast, FL