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Like the rest thank you for a quality-built product

I want to say first, like the rest thank you for a quality-built product. I don’t know how much time you invested in upcurve angles and how to get the optical clarity down, but it works. I am 5’6 180 and I ride a 21 SGS with a heated and cooled sundowner seat and the 8 inch med smoke touring shield was it for me. I can still see over the shield about 2-3 bike lengths ahead. Realistically less than that I can look through it which is optically clear so no issues but if I’m doing that than I’m following too close. I wear a half helmet and at 130 my head and sunglasses are still attached to me. Head buffeting is gone. And like others have said my radio is clearer and even at the 130 mark where wind takes over, I am 3-4 bars less on volume and can hear it fine. Install was easy it fit right in, I sat on the bike and my eye level over was good, so I ripped off the film and trusted what others said about the wind performance, and it fit the bill. It is also thicker as claimed, and I didn’t have to put a micrometer to measure, it’s obvious. Thank you for a great shield and a great policy if I needed something different. 

Review By: Rickey – Hollywood, FL