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INCREDIBLE shields. I have a 2015 HD ultra limited, and from the start was unimpressed by the stock shield. After research I kept seeing how John, Freedom Shields, personally responds to requests, I was not disappointed. Impressed as he responded to my inquiry at 2300. Pretty late for a response, again impressed. He asked and understood how I “sit” on the bike and offered his suggestions. I decided to get two. One shorter and darker for more local rides. . .yes the kid came out and it was a “cool” looking shield. I ordered a taller more practical highway shield. I have logged about 3500 miles between the two and have been impressed on every ride. The shields arrived slightly faster than promised, were well protected for shipping. The first impression was high quality. They were noticeably thicker than stock. They installed without any issues. The fit and finish is second to none. then off to ride. I was impressed enough the protective film was removed halfway through the “test drive”. The taller shield was used for a ride from Indianapolis to Daytona. (return trip was non-stop straight through ride). 3 major heavy downpours, many large (prehistoric Florida bugs, construction zones littered with fine material being blown up off road and the shield never gave me pause or regret. I purchased a 9″ medium tint (no problem seeing through after dark to road surface) and a 10″light tint. Both were touring width a choice I DO NOT regret. Awesome. Any bike I own moving forward with be immediately equipped with Freedom Shields windshield. As far as the real important aspect, the people. John and his staff are the epitome of how and what customer service should look and feel like. Don’t overthink the decision, touch base with John and get your shield. Thank you, John, for an incredible experience.

Review By: Walter – Greenfield, IN