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Get your shield from Freedom Shields

I broke my shield on my Electra Glide. I come across Freedom Shields. My old windshield was 10″ from center of the bolt hole to top of shield so I ordered a 10″ from Freedom Shields. Was informed a new shield would be a few weeks as they custom make to order. Ordered a cheap one, 10″ off Amazon, and it was horrible. Contacted them and gave them some info. I was getting a new seat that was going to sit me up a little higher than the stock seat. They recommend a 11 or 12″. I decided to go 12″ at 6’5″ I figured that was best. They changed the order before the 10″ shipped. Got the new shield in and a quick road test and found it to be too tall for my liking. Sent an email and got the return process started to go with a 11″ touring width. Return process was quick and painless. Got the new shield in and took a quick road test and it was perfect. Took a 375 mile trip through thick fog on the highway and windy back roads through light rain. Shield was amazing. Buy once and cry once. Get your shield from Freedom Shields. A great product from a company with amazing customer service. 

Review By: James – Mooresville, NC