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It’s easy to see why Freedom Shields are by far the BEST!

I wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for our new shield. My Wife and I just finished our 1000+ mi. trip to the Adirondack on our “21” Ultra.  The 8” touring model, light grey tint was outstanding. My Wife (5’8”) said the shield was as good if not better than the 10” stock. No buffering at all, even at high speeds. The touring model also took some wind off her shoulders. Additionally, the speakers even sounded clearer and there was very limited resistance passing those 18 wheelers.  At 5’11’’ I was able to see over the 8” by a couple of inches and the light grey tint was not only “practical” when I did look through it but also looked much better than I anticipated. One final note. I was initially concerned about the space/gap on the fairing that I had heard about, in a few other reviews. John, you were spot on 1/16”, not an issue. I don’t know of many companies where you can actually speak directly to the owner and receive a five-year warranty (best in the business) …. Enough said. It’s easy to see why Freedom Shields are by far the BEST!

Review By: Chas – Milford, MA (8″ Light Grey Touring Style)