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80 mph and less turbulence.

18 inch Dark Grey Tint

Got the shield and couldn’t be happier! Put 120 miles on it today on the Hwy and I’m really impressed. 80 mph and less turbulence than the 20in stock and so much better looking on my black 2017 Road King. Thanks!
Review By: Les – Ontario, Canada

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The craftsmanship and service you provide is excellent.

20 inch Light Grey Tint

John, you recommended a 20” light gray tint shield for my new 2016 Road King. I am 6.1 with a 35 inseam. After a couple of days, you sent me an email that the shield was on its way to me in Norway. Received the shield, removed the plastic and installed it on my Road King. I have purchased shields from you earlier and I trusted you to have nailed it once again. And yes, so much better than the OEM 18” that came with the bike and the 21.5” shield I tested. Almost no buffeting (still remember we are riding bikes) and the wind noise is greatly reduced as well, awesome. The shield is thicker than stock and does not vibrate as much due to the thickness and the way it is curved and it looks cool on my bike. I can see over the shield and the wider top and air curve does the trick to make it a comfortable ride. The craftsmanship and service you provide is excellent. I recommend Freedom Shields to all my riding buddies and will continue to use your products as long as I have a bike you provide shields for. Thanks again John, it is certainly a pleasure to do business with you!
Review By: Pal – Fetsurd, Norway

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The style, form, fit, & function are perfect with my new windshield…

20 inch Medium Grey Tint

I was hesitant to commit to a Freedom Shields purchase until I contacted John by phone. He took the time to answer my questions. I particularly like the fact I could install the windshield, test ride, and be guaranteed a return for any reason long as the original protective film was in place. One of my main concerns was the ability to better hear music at highway speeds on my 2013 FLHRSE5. The Freedom Shield answered the call. At 6’ 3” I was pleasantly surprised with the improvement in audio clarity. I feel a little more air coming in low with the new 20” Freedom Shield than with a 23” windshield but its a far superior trade-off. The style, form, fit, & function are perfect with my new windshield… like it was made personally for me. Unreal that I get less air turbulence at head height with a 20” than a 23”. The slightly wider upper design of the Freedom Shield with the recurve was just what I needed. Thanks John. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase.
Review By: Kevin – Roby, MO

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The most comfortable ride I’ve ever had on this bike!

16" Dark Grey Tint

My first bike was an Indian 50 and I was 6 years old, if there would have been Freedom Shields back then, my Indian would have had one on it! I’ll never have any shield on any of my bikes again, if it doesn’t come from Freedom Shields; they’re that good. They’re thicker, stronger and have the perfect “Air Curve”! The windshield edge is just above my chin and with the Air Curve I didn’t get any of those HUGE Texas bugs on my face when I took it out for, what is probably, the most comfortable ride I’ve ever had on this bike! The communication from Freedom Shields was better that I ever could have hoped for and frankly, UNHEARD of in this day and age! John, I can’t thank you enough for the product, personal touch and professionalism I’ve experienced! Thanks again, Graham Bike: 2005 Harley FLHRSI Road King Custom
Review By: Graham – Paris, TX

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The thicker ‘glass’ seems to help too as there were not the distortions and reflections…

18" Light Grey Tint

Tested the shield with a 100 mile ride this afternoon. Results as follows: Number one the loss of 2 inches from the top of the shield was great. I can now see and there is no line across my vision. Wind noise and effect are greatly reduced as well. Most noted was the side wind that comes around and gets in behind my glasses….that was gone. I think the wider windshield you sent did that. Mounting was not problem and all my existing frame work fit like it should. The thicker ‘glass’ seems to help too as there were not the distortions and reflections I used to experience with the old one. Thanks for keeping me in the loop and I am most happy with the new shield. Mike
Review By: Mike – Hillman, Michigan