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The craftsmanship and service you provide is excellent.

20 inch Light Grey Tint

John, you recommended a 20” light gray tint shield for my new 2016 Road King. I am 6.1 with a 35 inseam. After a couple of days, you sent me an email that the shield was on its way to me in Norway. Received the shield, removed the plastic and installed it on my Road King. I have purchased shields from you earlier and I trusted you to have nailed it once again. And yes, so much better than the OEM 18” that came with the bike and the 21.5” shield I tested. Almost no buffeting (still remember we are riding bikes) and the wind noise is greatly reduced as well, awesome. The shield is thicker than stock and does not vibrate as much due to the thickness and the way it is curved and it looks cool on my bike. I can see over the shield and the wider top and air curve does the trick to make it a comfortable ride. The craftsmanship and service you provide is excellent. I recommend Freedom Shields to all my riding buddies and will continue to use your products as long as I have a bike you provide shields for. Thanks again John, it is certainly a pleasure to do business with you!
Review By: Pal – Fetsurd, Norway