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I cannot tell you how happy I am with this windshield!

14" Light Grey Tint14" Light Grey Tint

I ordered a Freedom Shields Road Glide windshield. At the last minute my wife and I decided to ride from central Illinois to Florida for Thanksgiving. The shield arrived the day before we were to leave. I installed it according to John’s instructions. I really appreciated having the well nuts already installed. And, by the way, SUPERIOR well nuts to those that one might normally obtain. They are great! The fitment of the shield is perfect. I bought the 14 inch version. It measured exactly what John said it would from the “shelf” of my Road Glide’s radio. So, I was fairly confident the shield would work OK for me on my upcoming 2,500 mile ride. I was a little nervous because, literally, all I was able to do, after installation, was sit on the bike in the garage before we were to leave. The morning we left, November 17, 2012, it was 26 degrees. We rode from the Peoria area to Metropolis, IL that Satruday. Had a meeting with Superman!! LOL! I’ve been on Road Glides since 2000. Many of we “Gliders” will attest that we have a garage full of windshields! I’m not different. I’ve tried lots of ’em. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this windshield! I am 6′ 4″. It is the PERFECT height for me. By choice I want to look “over” the windshield. Again, perfect height. Also, at highway speeds, it keeps me in a wonderful pocket of very “queit” air. Man, that’s a treat. It is, without question, the best windshield I have ever owned. Vision, through the light tint, close up, during slow maneuvers, is easy! The thing is ‘dead clear” No imperfections anywhere! Thanks a lot, John. I love this thing! And, I appreciate the great fulfillment service, as well! I’ll be replacing the shield on my ’01 Roadie real soon. As soon as I can “size” my wife, who rides my “old” Road Glide now. Great job!! Best Regards, Bruce I’ve been on Road Glides since 2000. 2012 is almost over. Many of you “Gliders” will attest that they have a garage full of windshields.
Review By: Bruce – Metamora, IL