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I highly recommend it to anyone considering it.

22 inch Clear

Hello John, Just wanted to follow-up with my initial thoughts after installing the windshield on my Indian Scout. Unfortunately my test run was less than ten miles, but long enough to give me a good impression. With the old windshield there was the head buffeting problem that occurred around 55 and up. I’m happy to say that has been completely eliminated. With the new windshield the front wheel seems to be better ‘planted’ if that makes sense. With the OEM windshield not only was there head buffeting, but at higher speeds the front wheel seemed less stable. Lastly, the width of new windshield is of great benefit, as it tends to push the air way from hand grips and away from the driver, thus reducing the forces against the driver’s body. Bottom-line, I definitely like the new windshield. And highly recommend it to anyone considering it. Regards, Glenn
Review By: Glenn – Rutherfordton, NC