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…there was no hesitation to remove the protective film and make the windshield mine!

22 inch Clear

Hi John, Even after reviewing the Freedom windshield design for a Scout on line, and speaking with you about replacing my stock 24” windshield, I was still a bit skeptical replacing it with shorter one, but I ordered the Clear 22″. After the 10-minutes installation of the new Freedom shield, and as instructed, I did not remove the protective film, and I took a demo ride. Needless to say, the ride removed ALL doubt about the height and contour. I’m 5′ 8″ and the Freedom hits me just above my upper lip, as determined with a carpenters bubble level, and even though it’s shorter, there is almost no turbulence there. To check the airflow direction at the top of the windshield at highway speed, I put my hand at the top of the shield and my hand didn’t move. However once I extended my full hand beyond the top of the shield to catch the airflow, the airflow almost ripped my arm from it’s socket and it took it over my helmet! The windshield performed EXACTLY as you stated it would! In addition, when sitting behind the shield at highway speed, it’s almost like being in a low-pressure vacuum, something the factory never had. With my left arm fully extended past the windshield, it was almost ripped off! When bringing it back to the edge of the shield, the airflow on the side of the shield shoves it to the gas tank! Anyway, needless to say, after 2-demo rides, there was no hesitation to remove the protective film and make the windshield mine! I also like the 100% return policy as long as I didn’t remove the protective film. Just thought you’d like to know that I’m completely satisfied with your product and service and I HIGHLY recommend both!”
Review By: Mike – Lodi, CA