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Very pleased with this product

I ordered and recently received the Freedom 11″ Medium Tint windshield.  As indicated on the website the shield arrived in the 3-4 week time frame.  Actually, mine arrived 3 weeks to the day and I had it in time to take a 2,000-mile ride to the Upper Peninsula with it.  This shield was VERY easy to install on my 2022 Indian Pursuit and fit perfectly.  The tint allows for a good view through the shield if you ride occasionally in the full-up position to protect you from the rain.  It is very stout and kept me reasonably protected from the hard rain I hit a couple of times. I have used a competitor’s shield for many years and after reading the info on the website, plus many recommendations on a FB group I belong to, I opted to give it a try.  Very glad I did. Also, kudos to the customer service department.  They were very responsive to my questions. Very pleased with this product.  

Review By: Michael – St. Charles, MO

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Bottom line- this is an amazing upgrade from stock.

Thanks again for a really cool upgrade. A serious piece of equipment. Certainly, an upgrade from stock. I ordered the 11” medium smoke for my challenger. When it arrived, I immediately installed it, which only took about 5-10 minutes. Included were some helpful instructions (which I didn’t read until after…). The quality of the craftsmanship is second to none. Beautifully polished edges and zero distortion looking through the shied (which was only visible after removing the protective film for the test ride). The shield is very thick. It reminds me of an aircraft canopy. I rode down the street and immediately noticed a difference from stock. The shield in the lowest position is much like the stock was in the highest position. Then I jumped on the freeway and the Freedom Shield really shined. Within a few miles I was convinced that this was a Keeper. I will say that with the shield in its utmost raised position I have to look through it. Having the film on there made this difficult but I liked what was going on. I took the exit and removed the film then got back on the freeway. As I rode down the freeway at about 80 mph, I made further observations. There was literally zero buffeting. Even with my helmet visor opened all the way, I was in this little peaceful bubble of calm tranquility. With my stock windshield I couldn’t leave my visor up. The wind would buffet so bad it, it would shake my helmet and sunglasses so bad it would be hard to see. But now, even on this particularly windy evening, I was cutting thru without even noticing.  It was getting dark outside yet looking through the medium smoke was effortless. I then turned on the stereo and was pleasantly surprised by an unexpected benefit. My music was super loud and perfectly clear. Even at speeds around 80. I wasn’t expecting that. Before, I’d have to leave the volume all the way up to hear it on the freeway. With the Freedom Shield on, my music is clear and hella loud at level 4 (stock not upgraded audio system) Awesome bonus feature of the Freedom Shied. Bottom line- this is an amazing upgrade from stock. I can’t say enough good things about it, and I highly recommend this to anyone in the market. And the price is very reasonable. I’m still on the fence about how the 11” looks on my bike. I almost wish I would have gotten a shorter one just for looks alone. Also- I didn’t know until after I ordered that Freedom Shields offers laser engraving and have some seriously awesome looking designs. If I could do it all over, I’d get 9” in dark smoke with some laser engraving. One last thing- the website says their lead times are 2-3 weeks. On the third week to the day- I got an email saying my shield was on the way. Two days later it was at my doorstep. Awesome!

Review By: Mac – Vacaville, CA