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High quality product that makes my bike look AWESOME!

7" Dark Grey Tint

I thought I would share with you an interesting story that demonstrates the quality and effectiveness of the Freedom Shield windshield for Harley-Davidson. A couple of days ago I rode from Toronto to Ottawa and back again in a day, a distance of over 850 kilometers (about 530 miles). The front of my bike was plastered in bugs. (See the attached photos.) I have the 7” inch dark Grey windshield, which sits at roughly my chin level. I wear an open-face, beanie-style helmet and did not experience any bugs hitting my face at all! I consider this a near miracle, given the condition of the fairing and windshield after this trip. I just thought you would like to know how well your shields perform in the real world of riding! Thanks again for making such a great, high quality product that makes my bike look AWESOME!
Review By: Steve – Toronto, Ontario Canada