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I didn’t clean bugs off my helmet one time after 5100 plus Miles with your shield!

Touring 10 inch Medium Grey Tint

Thanks again for letting me stop by your place and helping fit the perfect windshield for my bike. At 5’5″ with 29″ inseam, the 10″ med tint turned out to be the perfect choice for my 2016 FLTRX on my Ohio to California trip. I’m giving you a “Great Big ATTA Boy” for the looks, quality, and customer service. The wind shield does a super great job, can’t be more pleased. With my stock shield, on the way to your place I had to clean bug splatter off about 3″ of the front of my helmet both nights. My radio volume had to be turned up almost all the way to point of distortion to be able to hear. After I left your place I rode across Co., down to Arches NTL. Park, across Loneliest Hwy in NV., thru Death Valley, and across Ca. mountains to my daughters house. When I left there I rode the High Deserts of California, both Saguaro NTL. Parks, angled up thru NM, across TX., up to Ok.. and Ar., to Memphis, then got on the Big Roads up thru Mo, Il, In, and home to Ohio. I could hear the radio @ little more than half volume. I didn’t clean bugs off my helmet one time after 5100 plus Miles with your shield. I knew it would make a difference, but I didn’t expect this much. Unbelievable- but true! I was so Happy- I sometimes had to sit on my hands to keep from waving to everyone as I rode! I’ve already told other riders how your windshield far surpasses the quality and value of the stock windshields. Cant say enough, except Thanks Again*
Review By: Don – Jeromesville, Ohio