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I’m pretty picky about my bike add-ones and don’t really like spending money…

Sport Touring 16 inch Dark Grey Tint

I immediately knew the OEM windshield needed to be replaced on Dusty, my new-to-me 2015 CVO Road Glide Ultra. I needed more height and better deflection to reduce buffering and wind noise. I searched multiple online sources for alternatives – really liking the looks of a sport touring shield, but respecting the functional of the touring shields. I tried a 12″ Klock Werks Sport Flare and knew within two miles of the test ride that it wasn’t going to work. Back it went as quickly as it came. I read multiple positive reviews of Freedom Shields on the CVO Forum site, each rich with the rider’s functional specifications (e.g., height, inseam, wants, needs, expectations) and feedback on those evaluation characteristics. I was most impressed with Freedom Shields’ broad range of shield sizes and impeccable customer service history, so I narrowed the search to Freedom Shields. I’m 5′ 11″ with a 30″ inseam. I run a Russell Day-Long seat which puts me about 1″ higher than the stock seat. Using the measurement specifications provided on the Freedom Shields website and the redneck fitting tool of “taping a piece of cardboard to the OEM shield”, I determined that I could handle up to a 17″ shield and that a Touring model would provide the most deflection. But in looking at the pics online, that just seemed too big for Dusty…she’s sexier than that. Now I’m pretty picky about my bike add-ones and don’t really like spending money without seeing an item on or next to my bike. After several communications with John, I too was convinced this was a company looking out for my best interests. John gets that it’s difficult to visualize how a shield will look on your bike. He sent additional pics of the larger shields and encouraged me to try a few, offering to pack multiple shields in the same box to reduce shipping costs. No pressure, just well intended, seasoned guidance. Like not wanting to admit you need to move to the next larger pant size, I just couldn’t bring myself to go with the recommended 17″ shield. I decided to test two shields – a 16″ Sport Touring in Dark Grey Tint and a 16″ Touring in Light Grey Tint. Both provided excellent height coverage. The shields rise to just above my mouth, providing excellent visibility over the shield, though the clarity is so good I wouldn’t hesitate to look through the shields in a rainstorm. The airflow barely hits the top of my helmet, which I wanted in order to provide good circulation in my helmet vent system. The Touring shield provided an extra 3″-4″ more air deflection on each side, but the Sport Touring provided very good coverage for both rider and passenger. With the functional needs met it was down to looks, which the Sport Touring version won hands-down. Dusty is now even more seductive, my head no longer bobbles around, and my wife is comfy on the pillion. Win/Win/Win!
Review By: Tim – Tyler, TX