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… it was expertly packaged and protectively wrapped.

ouring 15 inch Medium Grey Tint

After a lot of research, I decided on a Freedom Shield medium smoke tint windshield in a 13″ height for my ’15 RGU. Right up front let me tell you that I have no affiliation with Freedom Shields and I’m not getting anything in return for this review. I had emailed John at and had several detailed conversations about his shields. Those of you who have spoken to John knows he practices some of the best customer service in the entire business of motorcycle accessories. He is quick to respond, either by email or phone, he is friendly and polite, he doesn’t cuss on the phone (which is nice nowadays), and he knows his product line! Anyway, soon enough my 13″ shield came in and the packing was excellent. I put it on the RGU (without removing the very nice protective coating on the shield), and took it for a long spin with the wife on board. I’m 6′ even with a 33″ inseam. Patty is 5’6″. We soon found out that at 55mph and beyond, the 13″ didn’t offer enough of a wind “envelope” for us, so sadly I had to write John and tell him I wanted to return the 13″ in favor of a 15″, and here’s how I arrived at that decision: Freedom Shields 13″ shield is 3/4″ less high than the OEM shield (when measured from the driver’s side of the shield) from the top of the vent to the top of the shield. That is to say, the OEM shield is 6″ above the vent, whereas John’s was 5-1/4″. I thought that would be ok, but it wasn’t – it was just too low for us. Then, John’s 14″ shield is the same height as the OEM shield and his 15″ is 3/4″ higher than the stock shield. I just wasn’t sure that the stock height would provide enough wind protection after seeing that the 13″ was way to little wind protection (again, for us), so after talking to John on the phone, I ordered the 15″. But before I called him I cut a piece of paper and taped it to the front of the stock shield so it stuck up 3/4″ higher to simulate the height of a 15″ Freedom Shield. Then I took it for a ride to see if the height would bother me. It didn’t and I still could look over it easily, so I knew I was set. John was great about the swap out and I received my new shield from him today. Again, it was expertly packaged and protectively wrapped. I put it on the bike and took her for a spin, again without removing the protective shield film. It’s just a tad high, but it’s not in my line of sight unless I’m going downhill or over the crest of a hill. On level ground or going downhill, I have plenty of “look-over” visibility, and the medium tint will be great for looks but not so dark as to make night driving scary. And the wind “envelope” and overall protection is right were I wanted it to be! The fit and finish of the Freedom Shield is top notch, first rate. The edges are extremely well cut and polished to a mirror finish. The shield is beautiful to look and and look thru when you need to.
Review By: Harry – Yellville, AR