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my mustache was happier…

Sport Touring 15 inch Medium Grey Tint

I just purchased a windscreen for my 2017 Road Glide from Freedom Shields. I sent John an e-mail with my height and inseam and asked for some assistance on a recommendation for the correct height of a windscreen. John replied within 48 hours with some very useful information and he sent his recommendation for a 15 inch windscreen. I ordered a 15 inch medium tent windshield. The day I received it, I put it on my bike and OMG what a difference it makes. I was getting my face beat to death with the factory windshield. After installing the windscreen, I went on a 120 mile ride and I couldn’t believe how much difference the new wind screen made. No more buffeting around my head, my mustache was happier, and I didn’t look like a walrus when I got off my bike. I would like to thank John for his help and direction on what height wind screen to purchase. I am extremely happy with the quality of the product and the workmanship and fit that come with the windscreen. If you don’t own one, you should because you won’t be disappointed.
Review By: Brian – Riverside, CA