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No distortions or imperfections!

14" Light Grey Tint

I purchased a new recurve Road Glide windshield from Freedom Shields last week and it arrived yesterday. It is their 14″ in Light Grey. This is replacing the stock 15″ shield. I wanted one close to the height of the stock shield since I can look over that one and it gives me the wind protection I want. Prior to this I had a 16″ Klock Works, but I did not like it as the edge of the shield fell into my sight line so I had to sit as straight as possible to see over it. The Freedom shield is a very well made shield that has no distortions or imperfections and it comes with a bottom trim piece and well nuts attached. Fit was spot on and very easy to mount. The ride is great with the wind pushed up to the top of my helmet with no buffeting. I do like how well I can see around with the lower sheild and I am very pleased with the product as well as the way I was treated by John. They also offer to take back the shield as long as you do not remove the protective film. I mounted it with the film on and took it for a ride. Once I was satisfied with the performance I removed the film. The film is cut so you do not have to remove the shield to remove the film.
Review By: Les – St Bonifacius, MN