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Couldn’t be happier.

14 inch Dark Grey Tint

Hi John Got the shield on Tuesday as promised. It installed like a dream and looks great. The trip to Leesburg Bikefest was a great success with the new shield. Its Florida’s Spring Love Bug Season so the shield most definitely took some punishment with smashed Love Bugs all over it. Better it than my face! A little water and a microfiber towel and good as new. The shield performed just as advertised allowing more air flow over the helmet and quieter air for the rider. It was refreshing to be able to hear the radio without running full volume and being able to hear my passenger better. For those reading the other comments and not paying attention to your recommended sizing ideas, I strongly recommend folks use the sizing tricks you listed with the cardboard. I’m 5’9″ and in reading some of the posts, some could think I should have gone with shorter than a 14 inch shield. However, I have a long torso so I made sure to follow the cardboard trick. 14 inch is dead on for me leaving plenty of unobstructed view over the shield. At night, I raise my smoked visor up on the helmet and just ride with my prescription glasses. Prior to this shield, they would bounce all over the place at speed. With the shield, they were perfectly still. Couldn’t be happier. Chances are you’ll see some more orders as one of my riding buddies with the same year RG loved the look. So did others at the fest.
Review By: Jeff – Lithia, FL