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Outstanding customer experience and a top notch product!

24 Inch Clear

When considering a purchase from Freedom Shields just know that you will receive an outstanding customer experience and a top notch product. I know first-hand! I learned of Freedom Shield’s Indian Scout windshield while reading through multiple posts on the forum. Like many others, I previously purchased the mid-height Indian branded windshield, but was underwhelmed with its performance, but figured I’d just live with it after forking out the money. After I switched out the stock seat for the 1920 Scout Solo Saddle, the ride was unbearable with the factory shield – my head was constantly bobbing around, wind noise was brutal, and it would wear me out after a half hour ride. I ordered the 22″ shield from Freedom. The order was easy and I received updates regarding shipping status and an expected delivery date. When the shield arrived, I was impressed with the packaging. Loads of peanuts to protect the product as well as a thick plastic wrap to protect it from any damage during transit. I quickly installed it on my bike and took it out for a test run, without removing the protective coating, as clearly listed on the instructions on the back of the new shield. The difference between Freedoms shield and the stock windshield was drastic and immediately noticeable. After cruising around for a few miles, I thought – man – this windshield is 100% better than stock, but if it were just 2″ higher, it would be perfect. Remember, I have the solo saddle from Indian that raises you up a few inches from stock. After arriving home, I went back to the Freedom Shield’s website and discovered the brand new offering of a 24″ shield. I emailed John and inquired about an exchange. It was hassle free and John was extremely responsive. An excellent customer service experience! Now for the 24″ shield itself – I highly recommend this to all of you taller riders or folks with the solo saddle. The Freedom Shield windshield utilizes the Indian brand windshield frame, so it still maintains the convenience of being able to quickly remove if needed. I haven’t taken it off once since I installed it and have several hundred miles of experience now with this new addition. By far one of the best upgrades I’ve made to my cycle. I am 5’10” and can now comfortably ride with a half helmet. The Freedom Shield provides a large pocket of calm air with no head buffeting, even at interstate speeds. I routinely ride with a Bluetooth headset and this shield now makes it possible to carry on an intercom or phone conversation at slower speeds (up to around 40 MPH) without any wind interference on the mic. I’m able to listen to music comfortably at all speeds (up to 100 MPH) – yes, it is a well build windshield that can handle that speed and without the front wobble I experienced with the factory shield. I’m very happy with this purchase and strongly endorse Freedom Shield’s product and customer service!
Review By: Jared – Sterling, VA