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Freedom Windshield rocks my world!

22 inch Clear

Freedom Windshield rocks my world view I had a 24″ tall Indian windshield, no mas. It sucked. Constantly found myself having to hide behind this flat, skinny shield ….. When a truck blew by or heck, when the wind blew in Colorado, found myself hunched over and ducking Looked at the 3 models on the vendor page and I really liked the flip design that Freedom Windshield has. My friend John, Triumph Thunderbird, has similiar and really coveted it. Got on line and ordered. 2 days later John at Freedom Windshield had ready. Beautiful Rocky Mtn ride up to Pine CO to pick up. Check it out, love it. 2 inches wider on either side and the air blows over me now. Like night vs. Day. No more ducking when going my usual 70-80. I can sit and enjoy my Corbin backrest. Highly recommend after only a 100 miles. Ride home was great, Pine to Deckers to Woodland Park and down the hill to Colorado Springs. Very windy day and the ride home was much more enjoyable. I wish I had this installed when I rode to Utah, Idaho, Wyoming this summer as the wind management is much improved. Check out the way it’s contoured, like a fine looking woman. Nothing like the flat POS that is the Indian OEM shield. One last shot…its nice and wide The Indian OEM shields are too skinny. The American Freedom Shields have some meat, really help with the wind blowing at you when you are going 90 up a mountain.
Review By: Dan – Colorado Springs, CO