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The quality is far superior than the OEM Indian windshield!

12 inch Light Grey Tint

Thank you for the new light grey 12 inch Freedom Shield for my 2015 Indian Chief. The quality is far superior than the OEM Indian windshield that I purchased when I bought the bike, and I LOVE the low profile look, the color, and the slight curvature of the top edge. After installation I took it for a long ride from Littleton, CO south on Highway 105 to Palmer Lake then back up I-25 to Castle Rock and then back home to Parker, CO. I was able to test the windshield from low street speeds and then up to 75 mph on I-25 for miles and all I can say is WOW, what a major difference!! Due to the slight “flip up curvature” on the top edge of your windshield there was no wind buffeting, nor was there any wind turbulence coming over the top and hitting me in the face. The wind was going up and then completely over the top of my head. Although I was wearing a helmet I could easily wear a ball cap and know that it would not fly off. And there is no distortion with the curvature. With this 12 inch windshield I can see right over the top which is perfect for my riding needs. As far as I am concerned you have made the ultimate windshield that every Indian Chief or Indian Vintage owner should have. In fact, your Freedom Shields should come as a standard OEM item on every Indian Motorcycle!!! Again, thank you for such a quality product for my Indian Chief!!
Review By: Terry – Parker, CO