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I cannot say enough about the product and service from Freedom Shields.

I cannot say enough about the product and service from Freedom Shields. Being a little unsatisfied with the Indian 14” flare windshield (I was getting a little buffeting) I ordered the 16” for my Indian Chief. I had my concerns about style and function and left a message with John at Freedom Shields. He actually called back and spent some time answering my questions and helping me make a decision. He’s a great guy and really helpful. I actually ended up ordering the 12”, the 14”, and the 16”. I had the opportunity to try out all three shields. Note: I am 6’ 0”, or just a hair shy. The 12” looks awesome! I loved! If I had extra hardware, I would have kept it as a second shield. At 85 mph I took a little wind on the chest, and it felt good, but since I could only keep one, I wanted to maximize comfort at high speeds. The 14” is perfect. It’s a comfortable ride at reasonable speeds and does fine at 85 mph. For daily riding within a couple or few hundred miles, it’s perfect. Then I tried the 16” and it was magical. I don’t do cross-country rides or anything, but I wanted to be able to be comfortable if I decided to. The 16” has given me what I was truly seeking in style and comfort. It doesn’t dominate the aesthetic of the bike that some Indian shields do. The buffeting is gone, and I can lean back and relax at 85 mph (not that I always drive that way, but I can). That’s what I was looking for, maximum comfort at highway speeds without making my bike look silly with a huge shield. Freedom Shields made that possible in the best way possible. Many thanks to John and Freedom Shields.

Review By: Ethan – Cedar Hill, TX

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I couldn’t be more pleased!!!

I’m absolutely delighted. I just installed my new light tint 14” windshield onto my 2016 Indian Chief Vintage in place of the original 19” factory windshield. Not only does it vastly improve the look of the bike; after braving the 30-degree weather here in Wisconsin for a brief ride, I’m happy to say it performs flawlessly as well. Installation couldn’t have been easier. All the holes lined up perfectly with the factory hardware, allowing me to do the swap in under an hour. Congratulations on designing and making available such an excellent product. Indian does not make available to their owners a windshield without also purchasing the complete hardware kit as well, at a price approaching $600, so I was very pleased to find that you make a much more cost-effective option available. Now my only issue is managing to get through the next few months of winter, so I can really put the windshield to the test. Thanks so much…I couldn’t be more pleased!!!

Review By: Richard – Alma, WI (14″ Light Grey)

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These shields should be installed at the factory.

I just wanted to let you know I love my new windshield and the design has made riding a much more pleasurable experience. The bike performs much better, there is less buffeting and wind resistance, and the bike is much easier and safer to handle. I also love the fact that the shield does not block my vision and I can see over the top. Thank you for making a great product. These shields should be installed at the factory. The factory shield in my opinion makes the bike unsafe due to vision and instability caused by wind catching the shield like a sail. I’m very satisfied and give this product a 5 star rating. Thanks!

Review By: Bruce – Montoursville, PA (12″ Light Grey)

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Never ever had a better wind protection than this.

Shield arrived today, everything ok. Coming home from work, immediately changed brackets from stock shield to freedom shield. I knew what to do, because I did it several times before, and my beloved wife was a great help for me while installing! And now it took only some minutes to the first test ride. My result 👍👍👍 Never ever had a better wind protection than this. The quality is gorgeous! It looks fantastic and gives the bike kinda more sporty shape, so finally, everything came to my full satisfaction! Thank you again, also for the perfect smooth transaction of this business! With kind regards from happy Indian-Riders.

Review By: Peter & Regina – Germany

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Much sturdier than stock and no buffeting!

Just wanted to drop you a note to give John a big thanks for helping me with the exchange of my windshield… the new shield fits perfectly and looks fantastic!!  Just what I was looking for, much sturdier than stock and no buffeting!  I’ve included a couple of photos for you to check out. Thanks again!

Review By: Duke – Galena, Ohio

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Road visibility is vastly improved.

Received and installed the windshield. It was perfect and “fit like a glove”. Thank you for being one of the very few businesses that fully stand behind their product and place a priority on customer
satisfaction. I like how ‘invisible’ this windshield is compared to the stock offerings by Indian/Polaris.   Road visibility is vastly improved.

Review By: Wayne – Washougal, WA

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The quality is far superior than the OEM Indian windshield!

12 inch Light Grey Tint

Thank you for the new light grey 12 inch Freedom Shield for my 2015 Indian Chief. The quality is far superior than the OEM Indian windshield that I purchased when I bought the bike, and I LOVE the low profile look, the color, and the slight curvature of the top edge. After installation I took it for a long ride from Littleton, CO south on Highway 105 to Palmer Lake then back up I-25 to Castle Rock and then back home to Parker, CO. I was able to test the windshield from low street speeds and then up to 75 mph on I-25 for miles and all I can say is WOW, what a major difference!! Due to the slight “flip up curvature” on the top edge of your windshield there was no wind buffeting, nor was there any wind turbulence coming over the top and hitting me in the face. The wind was going up and then completely over the top of my head. Although I was wearing a helmet I could easily wear a ball cap and know that it would not fly off. And there is no distortion with the curvature. With this 12 inch windshield I can see right over the top which is perfect for my riding needs. As far as I am concerned you have made the ultimate windshield that every Indian Chief or Indian Vintage owner should have. In fact, your Freedom Shields should come as a standard OEM item on every Indian Motorcycle!!! Again, thank you for such a quality product for my Indian Chief!!
Review By: Terry – Parker, CO