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I cannot say enough about the product and service from Freedom Shields.

I cannot say enough about the product and service from Freedom Shields. Being a little unsatisfied with the Indian 14” flare windshield (I was getting a little buffeting) I ordered the 16” for my Indian Chief. I had my concerns about style and function and left a message with John at Freedom Shields. He actually called back and spent some time answering my questions and helping me make a decision. He’s a great guy and really helpful. I actually ended up ordering the 12”, the 14”, and the 16”. I had the opportunity to try out all three shields. Note: I am 6’ 0”, or just a hair shy. The 12” looks awesome! I loved! If I had extra hardware, I would have kept it as a second shield. At 85 mph I took a little wind on the chest, and it felt good, but since I could only keep one, I wanted to maximize comfort at high speeds. The 14” is perfect. It’s a comfortable ride at reasonable speeds and does fine at 85 mph. For daily riding within a couple or few hundred miles, it’s perfect. Then I tried the 16” and it was magical. I don’t do cross-country rides or anything, but I wanted to be able to be comfortable if I decided to. The 16” has given me what I was truly seeking in style and comfort. It doesn’t dominate the aesthetic of the bike that some Indian shields do. The buffeting is gone, and I can lean back and relax at 85 mph (not that I always drive that way, but I can). That’s what I was looking for, maximum comfort at highway speeds without making my bike look silly with a huge shield. Freedom Shields made that possible in the best way possible. Many thanks to John and Freedom Shields.

Review By: Ethan – Cedar Hill, TX