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You have definitely hit a home run.

I bought a 16” light gray tinted windshield for my ’16 Roadmaster from you just before this last Memorial Day. You have definitely hit a home run. First off, I received this windshield in a timely manner. I was like a kid in a candy store when it arrived. And I couldn’t wait to put it on the bike. After putting in on the bike, I was a little skeptical about buying a 16 inch windshield because when I sat on the bike, I had it lower all the way, I was just seeing over the top of it. I was more worried on how it would affect my wife when she rode with me. Our first long trip with it on the bike was about 700 miles. I still had to raise it up for her. But there was literally no distortion for me looking through it. And the buffeting for both of us is almost nonexistent. I also had a chance to ride in a rainstorm. Once again, no real problems, besides looking through rain drops, with this windshield. Once again, thank you for making an outstanding product. And I do recommend your windshield to all my Indian owner friends.

Review By: Keith – Youngstown, OH (16″ Light Grey)