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The Air Curve design is all that it is advertised to be.

15 Inch Medium Grey

I received the windshield yesterday, placed it on and took the bike for a spin. For me the height of the windshield is level with my chin, maybe a bit lower than is optimal but the wind is deflected up to just barely hit my head. Since getting this bike I had been unable to wear my half helmet and goggles because of the wind buffeting being so bad the goggles would move around making it impossible to see anything once I got over 45 mph, with this windshield I have no problems at all with that. I was able to hear the radio for the first time over 35 mph. When I took the windshield back off to remove the protective cover is when I first held both the Freedom Shields and the stock windshields at the same time. I am really surprised at how flimsy the stock is compared to the Freedom Shields windshield. Installation was easy, it fits perfectly. I do notice a very slight distortion at the curve, but it is only noticeable when driving and you have to be watching the same crack in the road as you approach it while it passes through the windshield line of sight. When I bought the bike I looked into the windshields that HD makes, and the 15 inch Windsplitter was available at the dealership for a demo ride. With that windshield the wind came straight over the top of the windshield and hit me square in the face, still had the problem where all I could hear was the roar of the wind. With the Freedom Shields 15 inch windshield the wind goes just over my head, and I can hear what is going on around me or the radio if I choose. It is great to be able to hear something besides the wind when riding. I almost got the 16 inch, and until this windshield arrived I was second guessing myself if I had made a mistake in ordering the wrong size. While it looks like I would still be able to see over a 16 inch option the Air Curve design makes all the difference in the world, the 15 is working perfectly for me. Overall this is a well made windshield of higher quality than the more expensive options I have looked into at other places, it looks great, and the Air Curve design is all that it is advertised to be.
Review By: Michael – Harlem, GA