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The fit in the batwing fairing is excellent.

9" Dark Grey Tint

The fit in the batwing fairing is excellent. Each side of the shield matches the cut of the fairing perfectly. When installed, I sprayed some cleaner on to remove fingerprints, etc. As I was wiping it off, the shield was solid behind the towel – rather than flexing as other shields can do – obviously a result of the thicker material and wider top. Even though this shield is 1/2″ shorter than my previous recurved shield, it provides a better rider pocket – which must be due to the combination of the wider top and the “Air Curve” design. I became very conscious of air flow and noise while riding a Road Glide FLHTRX for 2 weeks – this is the model with effectively no windshield (just a little stub that doesn’t even rise above the radio mount). Blasting my face and a noise so loud in my ears I couldn’t hear the radio… I was very happy to get behind my previous shield as I picked up my bike from service. So much less wind and noise. Then, after installing the Freedom Shield, it was even better – about the same amount of wind feeling at the top of my head as the previous shield, BUT – a lot less turbulence around my ears, therefore, less noise in the ears… And, in a very rare occasion, my lady was riding on the pillion yesterday (taking her to pick up her ride from service) – she is fairly tall and her eyes are just about able to see over my head from the back seat…she said the wind was no issue and was very comfortable with the sound level, it was easy to converse. While back at the dealer to pick up my lady’s ride – the owner was out talking with us and the polished edge of the shield caught his eye. He asked what I had done – told him about Freedom Shields – he was impressed enough with the fit and finish he is going to call to become a distributor. I think that says a lot – he’s been in the business for a long time, seen lots of products and is impressed enough to call. I like the Freedom Shield for all aspects of it – function, quality, clarity, appearance and value. Respectfully, -bogie
Review By: Bogie – Ingleside, IL