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The quality of the shield is also very impressive…

15 Inch Medium Grey Tint

This review provided regarding my recent Freedom Shield purchase of a 15” Touring (medium tint) shield for my 2015 Road Glide Special: This simple upgrade has profoundly changed the way I feel about my bike and significantly improved ridability over long distance (average for me being around 500). To quote my initial reaction during the first test ride, “Hoeleesheeot”! Prior to this purchase, I had tested the 15” Klock Werks Pro Touring, 15” Harley Windsplitter, and 14” WindVest; none could hold a candle to the Freedom Shield. The bike; 2015 Road Glide Special, custom Corbin seat (1”lower and 1” further back), old shield was a 11.5” Klock Werks Sport Flare. The rider (me); 6ft tall, 32” inseam, 250lbs (fat adds inches in vertical butt-height). Wind management has always made long distance riding a full face helmet affair, even though I much prefer my half helmet and riding in SOCAL allows for it most of the year. Fairings with properly fitted windshields are great, but without, they simply focus and amplify wind in all the worst ways; this was the case with my old windshield. Every bug and bit of road debris was forcibly vectored to my nose and eyes. The wind noise not only prevented listening to my stereo at speeds above 40MPH, but was likely causing hearing damage. Bottom line, I had to wear a full face helmet during long rides and wipe the bugs off at every stop, not to mention the neck stretching. My new Freedom Shield changed all of that! I can now wear a half helmet with comfort, hear my stereo with clarity at 80MPH, and hear the environment around me without being blown-away by it. The wind I do feel is enjoyable and reminiscent of why I’m out on a bike to begin with. The quality of the shield is also very impressive; it is thick, well-constructed, nicely polished, and the medium tint not only looks great on my bike, but provides an excellent balance between road clarity and glare reduction. This purchase was made in preparation for a summer ride from San Diego to the Arctic Circle in Alaska and back in three weeks (many days over 500 miles in the saddle) and I believe this to be the best money spent in preparation of this epic ride. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I was this impressed by a product of any kind and so pleased with the investment. Lastly a word on customer service; superlative (good word right?). Every comment made in these reviews regarding customer service is spot-on. I did not want to go through the hassle of trying one shield after another to get the right fit, so I sent an email to Freedom Shields describing my needs and received a call from John in short order to help dial me in. We talked for a short bit, I described my needs and body/bike geometry involved, and he recommended the shield I am now reviewing; perfect fit in one try! They also have a great return policy; test it, don’t take the plastic off, and return it for refund or exchange if need be. I never write reviews like this, but the quality of the product and the company deserves a thorough review and personal thank you from me for making my riding experience so much better. THANKS!
Review By: Rod – San Diego, CA