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14 inch Light Grey Tint

John, Got my shield the other day and installed it tonight. Let’s just say that I’m totally thrilled and amazed by it. This is my 3rd HD and the previous two I had recurves on them also. An ’02 Batwing and an ’11 CVORGU. I was very hesitant at first to go with a 14″ on my ’15 CVORGU because the stock shield measured the same. The recurve on yours works as I expected and I’m glad I didn’t go with the 13″ like I originally planned. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DISTORTION in your product!! I tried every which way to find it and I couldn’t. I could have got with a 15″ and had no problem with that but personal preference, the taller the shield, the more it takes away from the bike and looks like a billboard (insert Madstad visual here and you understand). I also like the light grey. Just enough tint to give it a nice look without making the shield look huge like a dark tint does. The lines flow great with the bike also. Thanks again and trust me when I will be pushing your product on every bike forum I’m on.
Review By: Mike – Canton, OH