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This shield is hands down the I have had the pleasure of sitting behind.

Touring 16 inch Light Grey Tint

John I have been back home for about 10 days now and have had a chance to go for a couple of rides now with the new shield on the bike. This 16 “touring shield is hands down the best shield I have had the pleasure of sitting behind. It comes up to somewhere around my mouth or just beneath my nose. Either way I see over it without even trying. I would have to hunch over to have to look through it. Like I had said I have a very long back for someone that is 6’. Comfort on the road is an understatement. I just love it! The main air blast clears the top of my helmet by 2 or 3 inches. My wife liked it on the back of the bike as well. With the total lack of any buffeting it will extend the time I can spend on the bike due to my neck problems and prior operations on the disks in my neck.
Review By: Doug – Alberta Canada