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You have a winner here with this product.

John, I had a chance to get a good ride in yesterday with the new Freedom Shield in place. Over the course of 150 miles of pretty much every speed and wind condition, the 8” worked perfectly for the SESG! I’m 6’1” with a fairly long torso and the wind screen worked out great. My wife said she never felt the wind in the passenger position and had no idea we were doing 80. She was used to getting beat up by the wind at those speeds. You have a winner here with this product. It looks great on the bike too. Number one question seems to be if the added thickness creates any problem with complete closure of the fairing pieces when installed. Of course, there’s no problem there, fit and finish are great. Thanks for a great product. I’ll probably have to order another one now for my other dresser! Thanks,
Review By: Craig – Charlotte, NC