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Absolutely phenomenal!

I’ve been riding my entire life. Million plus miles and counting. In that time, I’ve seen a lot of the world go by through the windshield of many a motorcycle. BMW’s(mostly), Honda’s, Triumphs, you name it and I may have had it. Hi, my name is Roger and I’m a motorcycle enthusiast! In the 300 miles I rode yesterday as a test your shield was flawless. I love it. No buffeting, I can see over it and I can ride with the face shield up at let’s say “go to jail” speeds and leave it at that. As a technical kind of guy, I’d like to know what sorcery you use to maintain optical clarity where the “flip” starts. Absolutely phenomenal! It’s really wonderful seeing a company with a great product that gets customer service. Thanks again! You have a convert and I’ll send all my friends your way.

Review By: Roger – Buckeye, AZ (7″ Clear Touring Style)