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All the buffeting clears my helmet…

Just wanted to let you know the 10″ touring width shield works great! Can clearly see over the shield during normal highway riding. All the buffeting clears my helmet and can feel it hit the middle of my back which is perfect! I do quite a bit of the twisty’s and hills living near the Smoky’s in east TN. I like that there is no visual distortion when you are looking through the shield on the downward grades. The light gray tint is also perfect at night. The wider width is also nice on those colder days for us year-round riders. For reference I am 5’10”, 2020 Street Glide Special with a Saddleman seat. The seat has you sit a bit taller than standard HD seat. Your exchange policy is excellent since I did order the 8″ shield and that hit me square in my visor. The exchange process was easy and fast! Already have positive comments and have recommended it to many in my HOG club and fellow riders. Also, I recommend getting the BugSlide; makes cleaning the shield easier and hopefully preserves the life.

Review By: Michael – Knoxville, TN