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Glad to support a small US company.

15 inch Light Grey Tint

I was looking for a replacement shield for my 2009 Harley Heritage Softail Classic that would enable me to see over the shield. With the OEM shield, the top edge was directly in my line of sight, and I was constantly either stretching to see over or slumping to look through the shield. I took measurements on the OEM shield to determine the height I needed and concluded that a 15″ shield (16″ above the headlight) is what I needed. So I began to research different companies. I became interested in recurve shields, as I thought that would help to direct the air a little higher with a lower shield. After reading various reviews on different products, and talking with John, I decided to purchase from Freedom Shields. I ordered the 15″ lightly tinted version. First, my shield was shipped the next day after I placed my order and received promptly. I was eager to install and try the shield. I installed the shield with the plastic film on and went on a ride for a few miles, including freeway at 70-80 mph. My first observation was that I could definitely see over the shield better. Still tall enough to slump down and get behind but low enough to see the road ahead better. I can’t say it was dramatic, but the air flow seemed to be better than the OEM. Clearly, the air flow was directed a little higher and was at the top or just above my head. After the ride, I went ahead and took the film off and reinstalled with Locktite on the screws. So obviously I made the decision to keep the shield right away. I do like the appearance of the shield. The thicker shield and added rigidity give the perception of higher quality and strength. The polished edges look great, and I think going with the light tint was the right call. The shape of the shield (recurve) does give a custom look compared to OEM. I will point out that the shield is actually 1″ narrower than the OEM. It’s about 22″ wide vs. 23″ on the OEM. I was expecting it to be equal to or wider based on the website description. But I understand that’s a function of the height on the 15″. Again, the shield is aesthetically pleasing and functions well. I haven’t taken a very long ride so far, but I have enjoyed the rides I have taken with better visibility over the shield. Overall, I’m satisfied with my experience with Freedom Shields and glad to support a small US company.
Review By: Mark – Conway, AR