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I could probably lite a cigarette behind this thing if I still smoked them.

Review #1: I want to tell you this is the best windshield I have ever ridden behind. It is also the perfect height and if it was not for speaking with you via a phone call, I might have gone with the next size down. If I just stretch my neck a little, I can see over the top. So, needless to say I have protection from the wind that is the next best thing to a car but, better yet, I’m on a motorcycle! Yeah, we like the wind in our face but, I bought this bike for long rage weekend rides. So of course, I don’t want to get rattled for hours. The first ride I took on it the temp was 50 degrees, and I was warm with a leather duster. At 65mph for 20 miles, and no sunglasses, I had no eye watering and realized I hadn’t lowered the shield on my helmet. There was no need to, so I just put on eye protection; I’m not sure I even needed them. I also noticed the extra thickness gave no movement at just over 80mph—none at all.  I feel the safety I wanted for long rides.  Thanks. I also really like the light tint you recommended via most popular. Clear has a glare. The light tint is also safer for night rides. I would always recommend a light tint minimum, and I will always recommend Freedom Shields.  An installation note I want to mention; the Harley tape is thinner. The windshield brace bolts, that go through just the brace and windshield, needed a small stainless washer.  I even had room for a lock washer. (recall two bolts go through both, braces, and wind shield and they have acorn nuts—limited threads). I still used the blue Loctite. That is the only heads up to give to you.

Review #2: I just rode from Medford Oregon to Chico CA. It’s about a 4 hour ride.  I couldn’t be happier with this windshield. I put my hand up over my head and raised it while riding about 70mph. I found it is about 4-5” above my head before I feel any wind. I could probably lite a cigarette behind this thing if I still smoked them. Additionally, I felt the bike smooth out from 90-100mph; I was a little surprised at that but then again, I do have an air foil in front of me. There was no wind chatter at all. I have the 23”, light grey, and I am 5’11”. I can see over the shield just fine. In fact, when I raise my head a little, I can see over it and still do not feel wind. 

Review By: Kurtis – Medford, OR