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I would definitely buy again.

I had the OEM recurve windshield on my bike, but I found if I raised the windshield to its highest position there was a lot of wind coming from the bottom of the windshield. I was undecided on the height of a shield from Freedom and mentioned it in an email. To my surprise John, the owner of Freedom Shields, called me. We had a nice conversation and John explained to me that the OEM is measured differently. We decided on the 14”. It measures one and three quarters of an inch taller than OEM. This allows me to raise my new windshield to the same position as before without the wind coming from underneath. The extra height has made it a more comfortable ride. I love the look of it on my bike and had many compliments. I haven’t had any issues looking through the shield if I have it raised up and there’s no distortion of my vision. John is a pleasure to deal with and customer satisfaction and communication is first class. I would definitely buy again.

Review By: Jim – Ontario, Canada