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The windshield has been outstanding.

I bought a windshield from you a couple of years ago.  Easy install on my Indian Roadmaster, took it for a ride and once I decided I wanted it, I took the plastic cover off and it hasn’t left my bike since.  I wanted to give it a good test before writing a review.  The windshield has been outstanding.  I’ve road through high winds and torrential rains since the install.  The worst one was in a trip across Missouri.  It felt like someone was throwing 5 gallon buckets of water at me.  As long as I kept the bike at 55mph or higher, the windshield remained clear.  The lip on the edge kept the rain from hitting me and my glasses.  There’s always drops that are going to get on you, I wasn’t completely dry behind the shield, in fact I was soaked, but I was able to see and safely move down the road.  I highly recommend your shields to other riders, and you guys keep up the good work.

Review By: Robbie – Meridian, ID (18″ Light Grey)