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Overall, an outstanding product with service to match; highly recommended.

I had been in the market for a new windshield this season, to put on my 2019 H-D Street Glide. I’m very glad that I found Freedom Shields; as their product is precisely what I was looking for. Until now, my bike had a 7″ H-D Wind Splitter windshield installed, which I bought mainly due to its sleek appearance; however, it did not perform to expectations. Buffeting would become pronounced above 40 mph; while at freeway speeds it literally felt as though the wind was trying to pull my head up and off of my neck. I always wear a 3/4 open-face helmet, which in this situation made things worse, as my head was akin to a beach ball bouncing around. Needless to say, quite uncomfortable. Upon researching aftermarket windshield brands online, I learned about Freedom Shields. I decided to give it a try based on the multitude of positive reviews, generous exchange policy and the fact that any size windshield could be ordered (in contrast to the set sizing of H-D windshields). As stated above, this turned out to be a great decision. I received my 8″ dark tint shield, which looked like a quality piece right out of the box. Fit on the bike was also perfect; however, I am most impressed by just how well the Freedom Shields windshield alleviated the buffeting issue. It is no exaggeration to call it a night-and-day difference as compared to my previous setup. This windshield creates a “pocket” of calm airspace behind it. It is not a vacuum per se; there is naturally some air movement, but the head-tossing effect of the wind I had experienced prior is completely (and I mean completely) absent. Furthermore, I am able to hear the stereo much better than before. As for aesthetics, I think that this windshield looks great on the bike, particularly with the dark tint (which is my personal preference). The upward sloping “recurve” near the top is stylish and complements the more upright stance of the windshield. For reference, I am 6’1″ tall; and my bike has the Harley Hammock seat, which raises my seating position by an inch or so, as compared to the stock Street Glide seat. With this arrangement, the 8″ windshield is a perfect fit, the top edge being in line with my nose; as such I’m able to see well over it. Nonetheless, it is great to see a company like Freedom Shields that understands how one-size-fits-all is simply not applicable to certain things, motorcycle windshields being one example. I was comfortable ordering this product, with the knowledge that I could test it personally, on my own bike, and exchange if necessary. Even though this one is a keeper, I very much appreciate being afforded such peace of mind.  Overall, an outstanding product with service to match; highly recommended.

Review By: Andrew – West Bloomfield, MI